Depending on your perspective the General Election AKA The big day/big letdown/The little same as it ever was is September 20th which is less than a month away – How did that turn up so fast? One minute we were eating our way through Wellington on plate at a time and now we have to disengage the food part of the brain and turn on the political one. It’s so soon that voting started today for anyone who can’t or doesn’t want to vote on the 20th.

We plan to ask the candidates standing in Wellington Electorates questions, and let you know the answers. But maybe you have questions? If you could ask a prospective member of parliament anything, what would it be?

Post in the comments, we’ll add it to our list and come up with a final list of 10 questions we’ll be asking all the candidates. We are giving them 30 words per answer (and trust us we have no shame in cutting politicians off mid sentence) and we’ll post their answers unedited (unlike my posts which usually get the proofreading eye of Jo for quality control).

So what do you want to ask?