Release the Political Junkies

Depending on your perspective the General Election AKA The big day/big letdown/The little same as it ever was is September 20th which is less than a month away – How did that turn up so fast? One minute we were eating our way through Wellington on plate at a time and now we have to […]

All hail our new Green mayor

Earlier this afternoon, final results for the Wellington mayoral election were released. Finally the reign of Prendergast comes to an end, etc, and we rejoice in the election of our new Green mayor. Official results: Celia Wade-Brown 24,881 Kerry Prendergast 24,705 Jack Yan 7,426 Bryan Robert Pepperell 5,954 Bernard O’Shaughnessy 1,174 Al Mansell 542 We’ll […]

aleatoric – Wellington word of the week

Don’t say that we at Wellingtonista Towers don’t know nuffink.


Aleatory means “pertaining to luck”, and derives from the Latin word alea, the rolling of dice. Aleatoric, indeterminate, or chance art is that which exploits the principle of randomness.

Source: Wikipedia, of course

How this relates to Wellington – I think it was fairly aleatoric that there was no-one worth a Wellington Windy Day standing against Kerry Prendergast otherwise she’d be history*

* the views expressed in this posting are the authors own and don’t reflect on other posters

Have You Voted?

If your votes aren’t in the mail today you’re probably going to have to deliver them personally to ensure you get your ticks in before noon on Saturday.

The Wellingtonista (a collective entity that has assimilated all individuality) agonised mightily whether it would instruct you in how to vote & who for, but in the end we plumped for freedom of choice for all.

So please exercise it.

Issues we are passionate about though, and therefore worth perusing candidate puff pieces for any mention thereof, are transport, including roading proposals & light rail, rampant & unchecked property developments & developers, and most importantly, the complete absence of tiki bars in the city.

We did consider reviewing every mayoral candidate’s website & reporting back the number of typos & errors, but we gave up after Jo found 54 on one page of John McGrath’s site. The job is too big for us.

Don’t Vote! Governments Always Win!

No… just kidding. It is your duty to vote this Saturday! Get out & do it early, then enjoy the day, and the theatre offered as the results come in. And by all means read & take to heart this advice from Damian Christie at Public Address, on how to score on election day.

Meet the Candidates!

There’s nothing more traditional to an election campaign than assembling in a local community hall to listen to, and maybe heckle the latest crop of wannabees. And check out who the hell lives in your neighbourhood & who they look (and sound) like they might vote for. At least one Wellingtonista will be at St […]

Wellington Central candidates meeting @ Aro Valley

The Aro Valley Community Hall Meet the Candidates of Wellington Central meeting has long been one of the highlights of the campaigning that goes on in the build up to an election, and this time around would appear to have been no different. Smack bang in the middle of the hippy-lefty-green hub of Wellington (as […]