Spring festivities

Once again, the Council has put together a great program of events for its annual spring festival. Although there’s no specific website for it, you can download the PDF program here (2.1 Mb, unfortunately). Today (Saturday) is the first day, and it runs through the school holidays to October 9. We like the look of […]

win by weeding

If you are a member of the Regional Council‘s Be the Difference program then you’ll be aware of their new promotion. If not, then of course you should join (hint: it’s free). Be the Difference are offering a prize draw of a garden makeover worth $3,000 for members who send them photos of the dodgy […]

Geckos and skinks

The Wellingtonista has been going for a while now, yet there does not seem to be any mention of that unique Wellington institution, the Karori Wildlife Sanctuary, a large fenced-off and predator-free “island” in a valley beside Karori. We must apologise for this lapse. And make up for it by suggesting an outing this weekend. […]

The young Mephistopheles

Construction wall, Waitangi Park Originally uploaded by taniwha. As keen observers of the built environment we note that Wellington has its fair share of graffiti and graffiti artists. But someone Wellington has that the other homes of massed humanity does not is Mephisto Jones. You’ve seen his work, even if you haven’t known who was […]

lions in the house

army Originally uploaded by dubh. Town is fully swinging this evening for the 2nd test between the Lions and the All Blacks. So much so that even some of the more suburban orientated of the Wellingtonist collective found ourselves in Courtenay Place this afternoon, sampling the atmosphere. And what atmosphere it was: a good natured […]

romp pomp a stomp

Dorothy the Dinosaur and friends will be hitting the St James on Friday 22nd July. A goodly number of the Wellingtonist kids went to the Wiggles recently, and no doubt will be wanting to attend this gig too. As Wellingtonist friend Martha says: Anyone who missed the Wiggles – stop crying! Dorothy is coming with […]

Let me count the ways…

Here at Wellingtonist towers, we’re always thinking of new ways to let people know just how cool this town is. And we know we have lots of readers out there who like to do the same. So here’s our suggestion: people of a mind to participate can post to their website an article talking about […]

investing for the future

There are many kinds of investments available on the market today: putting a little something aside for later can be very rewarding. One of our favourite kinds is a bottle or two of nice wine. And where better to source your investment than just over the hill from Wellington, in Martinborough? Set aside a Sunday. […]

The Wiggles; and an introduction

Hello. I’m Alan. You may remember me from such blogs as half-pie. No? Oh. James has added me to the roster of contributors, for which I am very flattered. I’m still figuring out what I could possibly relate about this fine city of ours that could be relevant and timely. And indeed, I was going […]