Summer lovin’

The Black Caps™ may be pants (technical term) but there’s at least one reason to look forward to the Summer cricket season: the Wellington Firebirds have signed Aussie superstar Brett Lee as their second overseas player for the year. According to the Wellington Cricket website, Lee will play the second half of the HRV Twenty20 […]

Basin Goings On

Basin Reserve scoreboardThe “Finance Company Implosion” has seen several name changes for our beloved Basin Reserve over the past few months. It is now known officially as the Allied Nationwide Finance Basin Reserve and the ground improvements continue at good pace. Between the end of the the rugby season and Labour Weekend the wicket block and practice areas were re-laid and improved drainage technology installed. The R. A. Vance Stand is having a new viewing platform built at the back for the media and, I’m guessing, to also improve television camera angles from the Northern (Or J. R. Reid Gate) end of the ground.

Meanwhile, a new edifice is being erected beside the venerable old (actually crap) scoreboard at the Southern End. Any ideas what this will be? It looks like a new replacement or additional scoreboard or a big screen (or some combination).

I walk through the Basin every day and it is looking a picture – the relocation last year of the war memorial to the top of the bank was a splendid move. This summer we have a visit from Bangladesh (recommendation: don’t buy a five-day-pass) for a Test Match from January 12 and England (hence all the media improvements) from March 13.

So, how about that Cricket?

So, it’s lightly drizzling up here at Wellingtonista Towers at present, which is just a short walk from the Stadium, where today’s One Day International (or Oh Dee Eye as they seem to have taken to calling this form of the game on the telly) between the NZ Black Caps and the Australian, er, Baggy […]

It’s Just Not Cricket

Former Zimbabwean cricketer Henry Olonga will speak at a public meeting in Wellington on Thursday. Olonga, along with fellow player Andy Flower, caused a stir at the 2003 Cricket World Cup by wearing black armbands during all his matches. Olonga fled his homeland shortly afterwards and now lives in London. The Green Party has brought […]

The Beige Brigade hit the Stadium

Well, we’ll be heading off to NZ v. OZ one-day cricket match tomorrow not only to see (hopefully) a hard-fought contest between the two best one day cricket sides in the world at the moment, but also to see how much of the facial hair and lock-teasing action that graced last night’s festive twenty20 game […]