Help Ivy save the dinosaurs!

It’s school holidays again, and if you’re in charge of young people, chances are you’ve already heard that “I’m boooooooooooooooooooooooored”. We’d like to help you out with that (not just because it’s also in the best interests of the non-child-havers to keep kids occupied, honest)! So, we’re giving away a family pass (four people) to […]

Strike: Elemental

Strike are completing their Downstage Residency with a revisit of Elemental. It’s a “percussive based theatrical stage show” which is funny, breathtaking, and intricate. Murray Hickman, Tim Whitta, Leni Sulusi, and Takumi Motokawa, are joined by newbie Tom Broome. Their team work is so good that it’s difficult to tell that he’s new. The pieces […]

Post show look at: ‘Awhi Tapu’ and ‘An Oak Tree’

‘Awhi Tapu’ and ‘An Oak Tree’ are on until the end of the week.  I found both fascinating for the way the story was told as much as for the narrative. Awhi Tapu at Downstage is set in a small ex-timber town. Wendyl is the leader holding Raj, Casper, and Girl Girl, together. He’s hoping […]

Review: Long Cloud Youth Theatre

For the last few weeks, a group of bright young actors have been hard at work at the Long Cloud Youth Theatre’s summer school workshop. The summer school attendees – aged from 16 to 21 – were split into two groups that produced Daughters of Heaven and The Picture of Dorian Gray. And these two […]

Review: Etiquette

A man and a woman sit across a table from one another at a Wellington cafe. He’s making something from a ball of Blu-tack, she’s drawing something with chalk. The latest production from Downstage, Etiquette, does things a little differently. Gone is the familiar location of the Hannah Playhouse. Instead the action takes place at […]

On a Mission

Did Apollo 13: Mission Control do the business, flick my switches, get lift-off etc?

Downstage using Flickr for backstage photos

Have a look at show pictures and behind the scenes at Flickrâ„¢

Ever wondered what a theatre show looks like behind the scenes? Or you want to have a look at some images from a show before you buy your tickets? Or simply drift away in memories when watching shots from a production you’ve recently seen? Have a look at our newly established photo gallery at Flickr. From now on you can have a look at pictures from shows, rehearsals and behind the scenes at We hope you enjoy them!

Free tickets to Downstage (limited time, conditions apply)

Finding Murdoch posterThe lovely people at Downstage have offered Wellingtonista-readers the chance to see the new NZ play Finding Murdoch free next Monday or Tuesday.

Reviewer John Smythe at said of the show:

My partner loved it and rugby is not her bag. But then it’s written by a woman about a woman’s desire to achieve and understand, and it’s directed by a woman, so I shouldn’t be surprised. Which isn’t to say rugby orientated blokes won’t like it too. Heading for the car (after the Monday 6.30 show) I bumped into Keith Quinn – of sportscasting fame – and asked him if he’d just been to Finding Murdoch. “Saw it on opening night,” he said. “It’s terrific. You should go.”

There’s more about the show here, and we have 20 double-passes to give away to either Monday or Tuesday of next week. Simply email with the word “Wellingtonista” in the subject line, and the name of the All Black the play is about in the body of the email, and the magic of time-stamping will do the rest. First 20 are in.