Eating outside my comfort box (heh)

Everyone knows that large corporations eat puppies, but what do the people who work for large corporations eat for lunch?

The Wellingtonista is closing down its Courtenay Place branch on Friday and is opening up in mid Lambton Quay instead. After a year and a half down this way, we’d just finally got the good people at Sahara Kebabs to know that we like just a few onions and garlic yoghurt, tahini and hot chilli on our (mixed vegetarian, mujaver and falafel only) kebabs. Where are we going to eat now?

And we will party on, thanks to you

The front page story on the Dominion Post is Party on, says dying Il Casino Boss, and all media grumbles about the horrible exploitative nature of that stupid newspaper aside, the Wellingtonista is really upset to hear that Remiro Bresolin has terminal cancer. Readers will surely know how dear to our hearts Il Casino, Scopa and Boulot are, so our thoughts and well wishes are with the family.

An Email Conversation About Restaurants

although, I probably won't be having the crabFellow Wellingtonistas, I am taking my in-laws out for dinner tonight. Any recommendations on a nice restaurant that isn’t The White House, Logan Brown, Il Casino, Boulot or Chow? Quiet ambience a definite plus.

I’m a big fan of Maria Pia’s. Excellent food; the service is ok to good (provided by the family, so that you know what to expect)… but maybe not hugely quiet.

In the same geographic and gastronomic area as Maria Pia’s is Francois. Nice, small and French. Try the snails.

If you’re after something at the level of The White House, Logan Brown or Il Casino, then try Citron or Martin Bosley at the Yacht Club. Definitely some of the most amazing food in the city, and quiet too. Also, while I haven’t been to Bisque at the Bolton Hotel, I’ve heard consistently great things about it.

It’s not quite so quiet, but Zibibbo is always good. Adam Newell’s one of only two Michelin-starred chefs in NZ, and more importantly, they do pizza! If the in-laws are partial to a bit of cow flesh, then I’ve heard that Crazy Horse is the place to go.

And I can heartily second the recommendation of Maria Pia’s, but it might be rather short notice.

thanks all – the Yacht Club gets the nod. Although good to have those others in reserve for future occasions…

Don’t you just love the Hive Mind?

Harem Scarum

Because she is obsessed with Elvis, and also maybe due to some experiences on tour buses that she alludes to but never puts her photos on flickr from, our intrepid publisher decided to treat us all from the Wellingtonista towers to lunch at Harem to celebrate the launch of the new URL.

The Bacon Sarnie Experience

A good name for a band don’t you think? Right then, back to my lifelong obsession, the hunt for the Great Bacon Sarnie. I missed the food show. And I’m not scared of being cuddly. So I invite all our readers to tell us where the Best Bacon Sarnie can be had. In Wellington preferably, […]

Eat and eat and eat some more

At last those of us who are not sportingly inclined have a reason to visit the Cake Tin, and what a reason it is! The annual food show is upon us again, and I hope you’ve been training. There really are few things that match drinking large amounts of tiny little cups of wine and […]

Are you game?

Next month, there will be an unusual collaboration between urban gourmets and huntin’ shootin’ fishin’ types. The Fish & Game NZ Wild Game Bird Food Festival, which runs from the 8th to the 28th of May, encourages hunters to bring their prey into participating restuarants where their catch can be transformed into gourmet dishes. The […]

Your last supper

Let Wellingtonista point you towards the Last Supper Club’s bible-quoting yummy sounding menu that’s available at their website. Yesterday it was more elaborate, while the restaurant features a much more simple version. However, today, the real menu is online. We all live happily ever after. Here’s a hot tip for you – if you are […]

The Dockside Christmas Menu

This particular Wellingtonista was lucky enough to be invited to an associate’s Christmas lunch at the Dockside. It’d been a while since we’d been there, and last time it was a wintry evening & we huddled somewhere upstairs. Yesterday however, was as tropical as it comes & we were delighted to discover that our table […]

Hataitai: All your food are belong to us

Have you ever wanted to just eat your way around a suburb? No? Well, we here at Wellingtonista have, and we figured it would make sense to start with Hataitai. After all, who doesn’t love Hataitai? So here’s what you can get to eat: