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Win a double pass to the 2017 Food Show in Wellington!

by Joanna May 10, 2017

We’ve written before about the Food Show and how it’s basically Rex Manning Day for people who like to try lots of food and taste a lot of wine. If you’re looking for ways to fire up your creative juices in the kitchen, look no further. The Food Show Wellington is on at Westpac Stadium […]

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Food Show, Glorious Food Show

by Joanna May 13, 2011

You don’t have to buy us breakfast to wax lyrical about the Food Show, but they did anyway. The Food Show launch breakfast at Hippopotamus was so delicious that it has made me determined that the next time I get to stay overnight in the Museum Hotel, I must do whatever is necessary in order […]

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Food! Show!

by Joanna May 25, 2007

Hurray, it’s finally here. You know how we feel about the Food Show, so really, nothing more needs to be said except for what better way to drink off your hangover from Country Club: England?

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bring me the food

by Alan April 27, 2020

So it’s been a long four weeks or so at Level 4 and at 11:59pm tonight we’ll be going to Level 3. For some people this means they’ll be able to go back to work, with appropriate precautions. For some others, the lucky ones, who were able to work from home during this period, the […]

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Review: Zest Food Tours

by Jess October 31, 2017

An eating tour of Wellington? That’s basically every weekend in my life, but it hadn’t occurred to me to try a structured one. Enter Zest Food Tours, who run eating extravaganzas masquerading as walking tours. Get your culture and history while also stuffing your face? Yes please. We took a condensed sampler version of the […]

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Preview: Some shows and a party

by librarykris November 29, 2016

Wow this week is FULL of shows and there’s a party at the end of it. Let’s go! Hudson & Halls is still going strong at the Hannah Playhouse. I loved it, Mr Goulter loved it, the Wellington Theatre Awards judges loved it. Don’t miss it. Across the road at BATS Theatre Musique Romantique, Stand […]

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Reviews of two Christmas themed shows in Wellington

by librarykris December 10, 2015

This heading is not totally accurate as one of the shows consists of four different shows. You only need to buy one ticket to see the four shows, so for two tickets you can see five shows. Confused? Welcome to the reviews for Stages of Cheer  and A Christmas Karel Čapek at BATS Theatre! (Bring […]

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Tom Yum, frangipane and seafood chowder

by Heather C September 30, 2013

What’s featuring in my memory this week? Tom Yum sweet and sour soup from Thai Chef, Canteen’s shellfish bouillabaisse and pear and frangipane tart, and Rach’s seafood chowder at the City Market. Over a group catchup, we decided the Tom Yum sweet and sour soup at Thai Chef was ideal for a sore throat (and […]

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More food reviews that you can stomach

by Joanna August 14, 2010

So y’all asked for more food reviews with pics, so today I am going to do short reviews of the following places:

  1. The Ambeli
  2. The Grill at the Duxton
  3. Lagerfield as a function venue
  4. St John’s Restaurant

I hope you don’t mind that I’ve put them all in one post.

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Hataitai: All your food are belong to us

by Joanna December 2, 2005

Have you ever wanted to just eat your way around a suburb? No? Well, we here at Wellingtonista have, and we figured it would make sense to start with Hataitai. After all, who doesn’t love Hataitai? So here’s what you can get to eat:

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