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Festival time!

by librarykris January 24, 2020

Late January 2020 and the summery weather is here. I finally feel like I’m waking up in 2020  – which is a bit awkward given I’ve been back at work for a few weeks…but enough about work!  Brace yourselves for a busy theatrical start to the year. We’ve got three Festivals coming our way in […]

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Review: Ideation

by librarykris July 1, 2019

A team of ‘management consultants’ are recalled from their project overseas in order to work on an urgent proposal. The question in front of them – if there was a deadly virus that killed the carrier and easily infected others, how would you contain it without alarming the community? As they start to work through […]

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My predictions for Wellington on a Plate 2018

by Joanna June 4, 2018

Tomorrow is my favourite launch of the year – the Wellington on a Plate programme. In advance, and without having looked at their website, here’s what I think it will include (or not) so we can look tomorrow and see if I was right or wrong. There’s always a trending meat (wow is that a […]

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Review: The grass is meaner

by librarykris September 22, 2016

Alec and Mary McPherson run a little cafe in scenic New Zealand called House of Mince. Mary is a little tired of the monotony of their life but she’s happy enough. Then a man known as Donkey Boy visits London-based crime lord Vic Snow, and Alec and Mary’s lives won’t be the same. Written by […]

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What Jonny did next

by Joanna September 4, 2014

We have always been fans of anything the McKenzie brothers do, so we were super excited when we saw Jonny tweeting about a new waffle place. Sadly it turns out that not only is that waffle place in Auckland, but he’s not even running it. As it happens, Jonny McKenzie is bowing out of the publican […]

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Chapman Tripp Theatre Awards 2013 – Winners!

by librarykris December 16, 2013

Congratulations to all the winners at the Chapman Tripp Theatre Awards last night. The awards recognise the best of 2013’s performances and craft in Wellington theatre. The big winners on the night were Trick of the Light Theatre who won Most Promising New Director, Outstanding New New Zealand Play, and Production of the Year for […]

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Drumming up support

by Emily Fatali August 21, 2013

In Wellington, which continues to be the cultural capital, no matter what Auckland might try to pretend, there are probably a lot of conversations to be had about Boosted, which was set up by the Arts Foundation as a rewards-free Pledgeme, or another tax-deductable Givealittle, except that they take a cut. Nat Torkington’s thoughts might […]

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Review: Flowers from my mother’s garden

by librarykris September 14, 2012

Two women talk about their lives. Their childhoods. Their relationship with their parents. Their OE’s. Their, erm,  escapades. Their uncles and aunts. They are mother and daughter. A table, a couple of stools, a slideshow projector, and a screen with photos projected onto it provide the backdrop for Kate and Miranda Harcourt to tell the […]

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Review: I, George Nepia

by librarykris September 10, 2011

 I, George Nepia is a beautifully written, beautifully realised play. The script by Hone Kouka draws inspiration from many sources including Nepia’s autobiography. You don’t have to have read the book to appreciate the play. (I’m not even sure you have to appreciate rugby.) The narrative is about a man finding his place in a […]

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cuckoo for caffeine

by Alan June 13, 2011

You may be wandering along the waterfront later in the year when a crowd of large gentlemen in colourful cotton knit shirts may ask for directions to something called the “RWC Party Zone”. And therefore, as a polite host wanting only the best for guests to our city, you may direct them to Cuckoo, this […]

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