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2011 Calendar by Tim Denee

by noizyboy January 26, 2011

If you’re a bit late in getting your 2011 calendar sorted out, you could do worse to download and print out Wellington graphic designer Tim Denee’s lovely (and free!) design. Get it over at his website.

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Site upgrade

by noizyboy August 5, 2010

Hey all, just did a site upgrade (from Drupal 5.something to 6.17, for those that are interested).

I seem to have lost some comments off the last couple of posts — they should be recoverable and back online tomorrow.

If you notice anything else amiss, drop us a line at our info email address.

(Incidentally, this new theme is temporary — we’re working away on another one in the background — this one was just easier to use with the upgraded system instead of upgrading the old theme, which was riddled with, errr, idiosyncratic code).

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Free Pompeii (for Wellingtonians)

by noizyboy March 2, 2010

If you weren’t aware, just a heads up that the Pompeii exhibition down at Te Papa is free for Wellington ratepayers and residents this Thursday (4 March). Details here.

[hat-tip: goNZo Freakpower]

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Weight Watchers

by noizyboy October 30, 2009

Congratulations to Parallel Dance Ensemble (and their video making team) for taking out the top award at this year’s Handle the Jandal music video awards. Enjoy…


Other winners (click thru for video on YouTube):

Best Use of Exploitative Tactics to Promote A Band:
Judah Finnigan and Ben Forman for Highlife’s Berserk

Best Editing:
Joe Fish for James Duncan’s A Obvious

Best Cinematography:
Kimberley Brown for Electric Wire Hustle’s Perception

Best Concept:
Lisa Dunn for Parallel Dance Ensemble’s Weight Watchers

Best Animation:
Preston McNeill for Isaac Aesili’s With You In My Bed

Rising Star:
Greg Pawsey for Cougar Cougar Cougar’s Satan’s Blues

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WiFi @ Hashigo Zake

by noizyboy September 25, 2009

We are informed (thanks Chris!) that Hashigo Zake (website here, blog here) has free wi-fi for patrons.

Nice. Message ends.

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Real Hot Bitches – record breakers

by noizyboy July 15, 2009

Who knew (this particular Wellingtonista didn’t) that our fair city’s top ’80s cheese-rock dance troupe’ – the Real Hot Bitches – had set the world record for most people in a synchronised dance? In Christchurch, of all places. Here’s the evidence, in all its legwarmed, spandexed glory…




[Hat-tip: From the Morgue]

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Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra – Tickets Giveaway

by noizyboy June 12, 2009

The Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra have flicked us a couple of tickets to give away for their upcoming show at the Michael Fowler Centre (Sat 27 June). 

To be in to win, watch their new ‘It’s a Heartache’ video, then email [email protected] with the subject line: WIUO Competition, and in the body of the email, answer this question: what is the flavour of the tart that features in the video?

Competition closes Noon, Wed 24 June.

Winner has been notified! Thanks for all the entries.


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by noizyboy June 11, 2009

stop! stop! Hey, Mr Bus Driver, that person running down the footpath, waving at you, just ten metres or so from the bus stop? They probably want to get on the bus.

And the guy who’s just got on and tells you to "wait, there’s someone just coming" – he’s probably wanting you to wait, ‘cos there’s someone coming.

I understand you’re the ‘Express’ – but, really, no-one is going to be put out if you wait an extra 5 seconds to let a straggler catch up (especially if you spend a minute haranguing a passenger for daring to try and pay their fare with a $20 note.)

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Big Freeze Video

by noizyboy June 9, 2009

Video of last week’s ‘Big Freeze’ (previously blogged about by Sue here).


  Courtesy: The Sidestrip

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Intersection of Impending Death

by noizyboy May 15, 2009

So, the John St/Riddiford St/Adelaide Rd intersection has undergone a bit of a lights phasing tweak. It took this particular Wellingtonista by surprise when, last week, I confidently started to cross John St as the lights turned to red, only to discover that instead of my little green man, I was now the target for traffic coming down from Adelaide Rd.

There’s been some good that’s come from the change – the most obvious one being that pedestrians crossing John St (with the green man, that is), are no longer in danger of being skittled by right-turning traffic from Adelaide Rd heading up John St (it was a common trick for the first one or two cars in that queue to dive across the intersection as soon as the lights turned green).

On the other hand, pedestrians crossing at the same place now have to contend with traffic run the orange (or, even the red!) from Riddiford St and heading up John St. Every single morning I’ve had to cross at that point, cars have sailed through the intersection a good few seconds after the green man has gone off. It’s particularly bad if you’re crossing south-to-north, as the traffic is coming from behind you, out of your line of sight. It won’t be long before someone gets knocked over: mark my words!

How’s it working out for you? Drivers – any thoughts?

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