Wahine disaster anniversary

Just in case you’ve managed to avoid the saturation coverage across the news media for the last week or so, today marks the 40th anniversary of the Wahine disaster.

We won’t add to the plethora of stories (well, we are with this story I suppose, but, well, err…) we mostly just wanted to make note of one article in the NZ Herald, entitled…

Wahine ticket revives terrifying memories (+photos, audio)

Ahhh, yes. It’ll be the ticket reviving those terrifying memories. Not the barrage of photos, audio or video.

Anyway, cynicism aside, it was a tragic event in Wellington’s history, and we’ll be taking a quiet moment today to remember the victims, and to salute the many brave people who risked their own lives to head to the beaches (and, in some cases, out into the storm-lashed waters), to help rescue the hundreds of passengers and crew of the ship who had been thrown into the sea from the foundering ship.

Bus Etiquette question

warning: unexpected fartsWhat, exactly, is the correct response to take when you’re on the bus with a phantom farter?

I was on a very full #4 on the way home the other evening, and for most of the trip, at regular intervals, the overwhelming pong of a bottom-burp would waft its way through the throng.

Of course, if one is of a guilty disposition like myself, you assume that everyone else assumes that you were the guilty party.

How does one comport oneself as to make it patently obvious that the culprit is not, in fact, one’s own bottom?

Eva Dixon’s to get the boot from the Zoo

The DomPost reports that Eva Dixon’s Cafe is being given the old heave-ho from Wellington Zoo. The contract for the running of the Zoo’s cafe came up last October, and, as co-owner John Heald said…

We were under the impression it wouldn’t have been a problem and were waiting for the paperwork to come through …

But no! The Zoo weighed up their options, and have decided to go with faceless, characterless corporate catering outfit Spotless.

Says Karen Fifield, chief executive of the Zoo…

We wanted to make a commercial decision which was going to result in value for the zoo.

Given that Eva’s is ‘predominantly family-run and locally owned’, and Spotless, well, aren’t (and hardly have a, err, ‘spotless’ reputation with regards to treating their staff well), it might be argued that the Zoo is flying in the face of one of their own stated goals, which is to “generate lasting community support by raising the profile of the Zoo and making the Zoo relevant to all Wellingtonians.” (Admittedly, it does fulfill their goal of increasing “…financial sustainability by increasing revenue…”).

Whatever the case, if you’d like to vent your opinion on this particular issue to someone who has some sway in the Zoo’s affairs, drop Celia Wade-Brown a line – she’s the WCC Councillor in charge of the Zoo Trust.

2007 AWAs Photos

Yeah, that’s our boy Hadyn hangin’ with Giovanni Ribisi at last week’s AWAs held at the mighty Mighty Mighty. Flight of the Conchord‘s Bret was there as well, to accept the Wellingtonian of the Year award, and Blam Blam Blam played and were awesome.

Oh yes, the Trendy Urban Class* were out in force to celebrate all that is good (and a little bad) about our fair city at last week’s Annual Wellingtonista Awards.

For more photos, head over here, where official photographer Mike has uploaded his pix from the evening.

* © Dominion Post.

Awards results…

  • Best Drink in Town: Negroni at Hawthorn Lounge with mandarin-infused gin
  • Best Late-Night Venue: Mighty Mighty
  • Best Cheap Eats: Satay Kingdom
  • Best un-Cheap Eats: Matterhorn
  • Best Suburban Venue: Karori Wildlife Sanctuary – Karori
  • Best Breakfast: Epic
  • Best Local Coffee Beans: Mojo
  • Best Non-Drinking Venue: Wellington waterfront on a sunny week day
  • Best Apparel Store: Madame Fancy Pants
  • Best Shop: Unity Books
  • Best Building: Wellington Central Library
  • Best Cultural Venue: Film Archive
  • Best Public Space: The Botanic Gardens
  • Best Public Art: The installations along the way to the Airport
  • Most Needed: Light rail to the airport
  • Hottest Hospo of the Year: The staff at Mighty Mighty
  • Wellington Supervillain of the Year: Kerry Prenderghastly
  • Best 2007 Wellington-based Event: Cuba St Carnival
  • Best Dub Dub Dubber: “Cracker” – Damian Christie
  • Wellingtonian of the Year: Jemaine and Bret aka. Flight of the Conchords

Hearty congratulations to all our winners


The above piece of artwork is part of a series entitled Eye Candy and was skilfully hand painted by resident Wellington artist, Brad Williams aka Slope, and until sometime during the 31st of October, was on display at (best late nite venue nominee) Sandwiches.

On which date it was nicked – during daylight hours – and both the Sandwiches lads and Slope are understandably upset.

So, if you happen to catch sight of this piece of work (approximately 2m x 0.7m, so shouldn’t be too hard to see if is in the vicinity) hanging in a flat, for sale on trademe, or under the arm of some shifty-looking charcter on the street, give the cops a call. Cheers.

New Zealand v. Vanuatu

1982: every month was Movember for the All Whites

Ahhh, 1982 – when every month was Movember for the All Whites, and our bewhiskered team of British ex-pats and hard-grafting locals (and Wynton Rufer) took on the likes of Brazil at that year’s Football World Cup.

It’s been a long time since the All White’s graced the stage of the World Cup Finals, but, amazingly enough, over the next few months there’s an (outside) chance of the lads going ‘all the way’ again.

Since Australia has joined the Asia Confederation, the Oceania group is now pretty much there for the taking by the Kiwi boys. Barring disasters like the 2006 campaign’s loss to the Solomon Islands, New Zealand is most likely to go through and face the 5th-ranked Asian qualifier (again, a pleasant change from previous qualifying rounds, where the Oceania qualifier would have to battle past the 5th-ranked South American nation), in a home-and-away playoff for a spot in the 2010 World Cup Finals.

Given the current Asian rankings, that’s most likely to be one of Saudi Arabia, Japan, Bahrain or Uzbekistan – any one of whom the New Zealander’s would fancy upsetting on a good day.

But before this can happen, the All Whites need to nail down the Oceania qualifying pool, and, to that end, you can help by heading down the Stadium this Wednesday evening and cheering on the team to a win over Vanuatu – a win that would guarantee our spot as top team in the Pacific.

New Zealand v. Vanuatu
Wednesday, November 21st
Westpac Stadium
Gates open at 4.30 pm.
Kick off is at 6pm.
Adults – $27
Child (15yrs and under)- $15
Family (2 adults and 2 children) – $64
Concession (Senior Citizens 60+) -$15
Students with valid ID – $15

Get tickets online at Ticketek

Flight of the Conchords: Bret dances when he’s angry

Footlooseso much to answer for

The Phoenix Foundation – Bright Grey

With a shiny US record deal under their belts, The Phoenix Foundation are getting ready to take over the world with their upcoming third album entitled “Happy Ending” (which dispenses with – disappointingly – the equine-themed nature of their previous two releases: “Horse Power” & “Pegasus”).

Here’s the first single and video from the album, shot, I’m told, in Island Bay, and directed by fellow Wellingtonian and Oscar-nominated film-maker, Taika Waititi.

A Bit o’ Berlin

Poster tells it all, really…

The good folk who brought you the Berlin Bonanza invite you to savour the sights, sounds and flavours of Berlin once more. Relive the city’s ubercool vibe with the Saturday market, get the true Berlin with a mondo doco, dig in to hot’n’heapin’ plates of currywurst, thrill to the heady mashup of ping pong and country music, groove to alt-country cowpokes channelling the Heimat, and finish the night with a flourish of Deutschland disco dancing.

Full programme after the break…