The above piece of artwork is part of a series entitled Eye Candy and was skilfully hand painted by resident Wellington artist, Brad Williams aka Slope, and until sometime during the 31st of October, was on display at (best late nite venue nominee) Sandwiches.

On which date it was nicked – during daylight hours – and both the Sandwiches lads and Slope are understandably upset.

So, if you happen to catch sight of this piece of work (approximately 2m x 0.7m, so shouldn’t be too hard to see if is in the vicinity) hanging in a flat, for sale on trademe, or under the arm of some shifty-looking charcter on the street, give the cops a call. Cheers.

Can’t get to all the 2AWA nominated sculptures – this is the book for you!

Read, view and then vote!Wellington: A City for Sculpture
edited by Jenny Harper and Aaron Lister, photography by Bruce Connew
Published by VUP in association with the Wellington Sculpture Trust.

(RRP $50.00, Vic Books price $45.00)

Don’t have time to visit, engage and ponder the merits of the sculptures YOU can vote for in the Second Annual Wellingtonista Awards? Buy this book, sit down in front of the computer and peruse to your heart’s content.

This is much more than a book of pretty pictures of sculptures in Wellington. Whilst some of Bruce Connew’s photographs capture the featured works in brilliant sunshine, others are shown against grey or misty skies – an accurate reflection of Wellington’s changeable weather.

Genevieve Packer: Wish You Were Here

Genevieve Packer, probably known best for her Hutt Valley and State House tee-shirts, has taken over Old Victoria Arcade for her Master of Design exhibition.

The show is open 12 noon until 6 pm on Thursday – Sunday, from the 18th of October to the 4th of November. Gen’s site is here.

Exhibition – Deborah Barton

Deborah Barton Deborah Barton is a Wellington-based print maker. She has done a number of exhibitions, and is about to open at the Solander Gallery in Lyall Bay this Saturday, 13 October.

Deborah’s prints are dark and intriguing, with overtones of childhood mysteries.

And now for the good news. As a young artist Deborah’s work is surprisingly reasonably priced…

Need I say more.

Sandra Schmidt: Hinterland II

Hinterland II
Sandra Schmidt

Michael Hirschfeld Gallery
(at City Gallery)
10 October — 18 November 2007

The crystalline shapes and icy-coloured forms of Sandra Schmidt’s Hinterland II make up the sequel exhibition to her 2006 hot-hued Hinterland which appeared at Mary Newton Gallery, Wellington. The earlier spiky-shaped works in Hinterland expressed ideas of fire, heat, pressure and friction. In Hinterland II the focus is on cool colours and references to ice and water. Both extremes of temperature represent inhospitable areas, the back country or underdeveloped place, either metaphorical or real.

(more after the jump)

White Fungus Issue 8 Release Party

Come see the new mag for the first time and enjoy a night of off-beat entertainment.

(details after the jump)

Jason Kahn and White Fungus

Jason Kahn is a sound and visual artist based in Zürich whose work includes drawing, sound installation, performance and composition. He was born in New York, grew up in Los Angeles and relocated to Europe in 1990. Kahn has been exhibiting his sound and visual works since the late 1990s, and has had solo and group exhibitions in museums, galleries and arts spaces pretty much everywhere in the damn world.

And he’s playing in Wellington on Sunday night.

Art on the streets

Let’s say this for the record: the Wellingtonista hates tagging. It’s just an inane and territorial fury of poodle-pissings scrawled around the town signifying nothing but a terrifying lack of imagination on the part of the tagger.

That said, there’s more to the world of graffiti than tags. And at some point graffiti changes from mindless and wanton property damage into ART, somewhere across boundaries as ragged and ill-defined and debatable as any cultural warzone. Around central Wellington, it’s all there to be discovered and mapped, tucked away in the alleys and byways of Te Aro mainly, but also scattered around the wider inner city.

[We show you some great street-art, after the jump]

Living City

Did anyone see the installation on Wakefield Street yesterday?

I’d popped out to the central library, and someone had outlined a parking space with small, potted pansies.

It was right next to the zebra crossing outside the West Plaza.

The cutest bit was the meter ticket put into one of the plants!

If you were involved in that, or knows who was, could you get in touch with the Wellingtonista? Thx.

Exhibition: Cameo Appearance

The exhibition Cameo Appearance at Mary Newton Gallery brings together eight artists working in the area of the portrait – Tony Bond, Gavin Hurley, Anna-Marie O’Brien, Gary Freemantle, Tanja Nola, Octavia Cook, Areta Wilkinson and David Cauchi.

And then my magical art powers failed me, 2007 by David Cauchi

And then my magical art powers failed me, 2007 by David Cauchi