circuit bendingThe next installment in the “bleep” series takes a kind of DIY mad-scientist approach to making music. Bleep #2 is all about “circuit bending“: the art of torturing, transplanting, and grafting electronic sound-making devices so that they make more interesting sounds. Start with some mass-produced techno-toy from the Warehouse, the sort of thing that make irritating electronic noises, and attack it with screwdrivers and soldering irons to coax more interesting (and yes, probably more irritating) noises from its innards. The street finds its own uses for technology, indeed!

It is a two-part event, consisting of an interactive worshop this Sunday afternoon, followed by a gig at Happy next Wednesday. Full details are on the bleep website.

Now you see it….

Now you see it!Remember a few months back that the city council was worried that someone might steal the 2.5 tonne Henry Moore statue that sits at the edge of the Botanic Gardens near Salamanca Road?

Now you don’t!I mean, since they planted the idea the Wellingtonista crew did band together & steal it for our foyer one night. But in the morning we regretted it & snuck it back before anyone noticed.

Anyway, I’m not sure what is happening here… either the council has decided to disguise the statue from prospective thieves…. Or it represents a new work of art in itself. Perhaps by Christo?

Shed in Transition

Just quietly, there’s an intriguing little exhibition on at Shed 11 until Sunday: “Transitions” is a collection of images by photography students at Massey University. All the photographs are of the waterfront, covering diverse subjects such as the visiting “Big Lift” ship, the inner workings of the Brewery and the way that marine life manages to colonise even rubbish and pollutants.

Shed 11 seen from One Red Dog

It’s all a little bit self-referential, since many of the images investigate the ever-changing nature of the waterfront, and the venue itself looks likely to see a significant change soon. There are plans afoot to make it the permanent home of the New Zealand Portrait Gallery and the New Zealand Centre for Photography. The photography theme continues next week with the start of the World Press Photo 06 exhibition.

A whirled of pain

Now that the wind’s gone (calloo callay!) and the sun’s out (oh frabjous day!), wouldn’t it be a lovely time to wander down to the waterfront and see the much photographed Water Whirler do its thing? Not so fast, matey boy, someone has had other ideas. It seems that someone has decided that it’s more […]

Open up

Hi all, this is my first post as a Wellingtonista. There’s a slew of new shops, galleries and entertainment venues opening at the moment, so I thought I’d start with a quick roundup. The Bartley Nees Gallery on the corner of Blair and Wakefield streets is undergoing mitosis and splitting itself into Tim Nees Gallery […]

Solo 22 – Voyages

Of course, we here at the Wellingtonista would never blow our own trumpets, but we’re happy to blow our families’ – in a non Southland kind of way, of course – so we’re pleased to tell you about the new exhibition on at the Academy Gallery called Solo 22. There’s paintings and sculptures by other […]

lunchtime confrontation

We will admit it was the mention of a freely downloadable podcast commentary in this week’s Listener that drew us in. Some of us Wellingtonistas are more geeky than others. But given what seems to be the theme of the City Gallery‘s latest exhibition, Australian artist Patricia Piccanini‘s In Another Life (19 February to 11 […]

Synth Birds of Dawn: take two

Well, this particular Wellingtonista thought the Synth Birds of Dawn sounded great. Nic McGowan and his two fellow theremin players waved their arms about half an hours worth of other-worldy noise making early on Tuesday morning, creating sounds that at times sounded like the gibbon cries heard from the zoo in Newtown every morning, to […]

Synth Birds of Dawn

Residents of Island Bay, do not be alarmed. Those weird, spacey tones reverberating around your suburb next week will not be signalling the impending invasion of Wellington by aliens, but will be, in fact, The Synth Birds of Dawn. Local composer/producer Nic McGowan is co-ordinating a three-piece theremin ‘band’, who will be located one-a-piece on […]

World of Wearable Arts

The World of Wearable Arts extravaganza draws closer every day, as can be seen with the excellent Kirks display that Tom at Wellurban was so kind to photograph and upload to flickr. The show itself starts tomorrow (Fri 23 Sep), with the Awards evening at the Queens Wharf Event Centre, and subsequent shows on the […]