Jewels of Whitireia

On Thursday night the Annual 2010 Whitireia Student Contemporary Jewellery Auction will be held at Mighty Mighty with National Radio presenter Kim Hill controlling the hammer as auctioneer. Donated contemporary jewellery is being sent from all over New Zealand for the event including pieces from contemporary jewellery practitioners Peter Deckers, Matthew McIntyre Wilson and Owen […]

Somewhat mixed up

On Wednesday night, Mix & Mash was launched at the City Gallery, asking people to use data to make new things. Of course, our Tom has been doing that for years, but painfully by hand, I believe. That shouldn’t put you off entering, rather it should inspire you. In fact, you should go read the […]

Oh Baby, Baby

This Friday and Saturday night, film maker Julie Hill (who’s name you may recognise from her work at Radio New Zealand and on Frontseat ) is screening the premiere of her documentary, Baby where are the fine things you promised me? at the Film Archive. The doco follows local actor Stephen Bain and his protest […]

Art Monsters

If you’re yet to venture down into the catacombs of Mygalaxi gallery at 39 Dixon St, this weekend might be a good opportunity. To go with their scary (but not too scary, unless you have an aversion to steampunk, tikis, creepy-cute jewellery and retro robots) Monsters exhibition, they’re running a Halloween Market on Saturday and […]

Review: Inuit Time

While the Wells Group’s pro-unemployment installation piece continues to anger and bewilder ordinary, hardworking Kiwis, artistic mastermind Tao Wells continues to, er, work. In addition to the Letting Space installation, Wells is presenting two performances of his theatre show Inuit Time, once described as “an insult to the fundamentals of theatre”. The first performance was […]

The Beneficiary’s Office

Artist and provocateur Tao Wells is causing a mighty ruckus with his new art installation project, The Beneficiary’s Office. As part of the Letting Space programme – which pairs artists with unused commercial spaces – Wells has established a corporate office for the Wells Group, a PR company which argues that the unemployed are more […]

Music vs Art = Open City

City Gallery is currently exhibiting Roundabout, a major collection of bold, bright and wicked-as works from emerging artists from around the world. It’s well worth a visit. Part of Roundabout is 48,000 Revolutions, a piece by Flying Nun founder Roger Shepherd. He’s selected 24 hours worth of songs, which randomly play. There is also – and […]

The rugby sculpture

A proposal was unveiled yesterday for a Weta Workshop-designed rugby-themed sculpture to grace the city, somewhere, In Time For The Rugby World Cup.

The sculpture is highly symbolic, with the DomPost providing a list of all the symbolism, but what does the sculpture most resemble?

A quiet night in the suburbs

Spotted at the Railway Station is this hilarious anti-graffiti ad:

Worst date ever

Find out what this nice young suburban couple are up to after the jump.

Letterboxes for Writers & Readers Week

You talkin' to ME?

I’m just guessing that the reason the letterbox outside Borders Bookstore in Lambton Quay has been happily talking to itself (possibly with Emily Perkins’ voice) all week, has something to do with Writers & Readers Week.

That NZ Post are sponsors of the week kind of supports that theory.

Has anyone heard any other postal paraphernalia talking to them?

Please say it’s not just me…