Get excited and buy things

Spring is in the air and Craft2.0 is back. Wellington’s favourite indie craft market returns to TheNewDowse this Saturday October 30th. Instead of hibernating, loads of crafty types from wellington, and a bit beyond spent their winter months getting excited and making things, with one purpose in mind – Craft2.0. Craft2.0 is a special shopping […]

Craft2.0 – this Saturday, 11am-3pm, TheNewDowse

This regular craft market is run by our very own Sue.

It’s a chance to meet up with quite a few of the Wellingtonista staffers who will be on both sides of the stalls (I think).

It’s a perfect time to treat yourself with something special and totally you darlink!

Details, details, details:

Want to know who’s got craft stuff for sale, read on …

Get your shopping on

Sunday, this sunday from 11am till 2pm Craft2.0 is on at TheNewDowse.


It’s a free event and promises to be the biggest fair yet, with over 70 different crafty types selling amazing stuff.

If you want to get all your Christmas presents in one place, Craft2.0 is the place to attempt such a feat. Plus buying locally handmade presents allows you to feel a little smug.

And did i mention the 123 FREE gift bags being handed out at 11am?

Craftwerk finishes natiowide tour in Wellington

The ever-edgy Craftwerk is wrapping up a tour of our fine country with bands, mix tapes and craft galore at the Wesley Methodist Hall on Taranaki Street this Saturday 5pm – 9pm. Be there or miss out on crocheted vaginas, fort building and tonnes of sugary goodness.

Crafting at Pataka

Saturday June 9, 10am – 4pm

CRAFTING is a part of THE BIG LOOK-SEE at Pataka this weekend, which is an open day event for galleries and museums in the region.

CRAFTING will also celebrate one of Pataka’s exhibitions called Arts Society by Judy Darragh. The exhibition is an art installation that celebrates ‘craft’ and the handmade.

There will be a stunning range of fun and funky jewellery, art objects, cushions, toys, clothes, accessories and loads more cool stuff.

You can also play a little game of ‘Spot the Wellingtonista’, as there will be no less than THREE of us there. Come and say a big “hola”, and buy us a gin. Man, there’d better be some gin.

Make a kitten smile

BadgeTasticStart counting your coins people, because Craft2.0 hits the Hutt in four days. For those of you who can’t count, that’s this Saturday March 17th aka St Paddy’s Day.

The fair kicks off at 11am with the first 200 people scoring a Craft2.0 bag of awesomeness full things like:

  • The Craft2.0 Poster
  • Badges from SuperVery
  • Babylicious candy and discount vouchers
  • The latest Idealog – whose contributors include Craft2.0’s most favorite blogger
  • Discount Vouchers for Beckon
  • A surprise from Reka Cafe
  • Big Bang balloons
  • K-bars!!!!
  • Your very own personal leprechaun.

And just for Wellingtonista music fans, here’s the band schedule:

And did I mention there were crafts, loads and loads and loads of crafts all for sale? Just loads, people!

Just quietly my knowledge of Craft2.0 is so vast you’d almost think I was one of the two crafty divas making it happen.

Oh wait 😉

Note: all Craft2.0 Leprechauns are invisible to human eyes

Fair season

The next five weeks are going to be tres busy for the discerning shopper. There are fairs galore. Here is a quick run down:

15th February – Craftwerk is on at the Southern Cross. An almost all new line-up of stalls will keep it fresh and interesting, and it is on from 5-9pm with bands.

17th February – Petone Fair. Jackson St will be chock full of everything from sausage sizzles, bouncy castles and ethnic food, to fab jewellery, clothes and gifts. Starts 10am. I recommend parking along the Esplanade and walking a couple of blocks to the fair.

17th February – The Big Bang is on at the NewDowse. This signals a month of exciting activities. A highlight will be The Real Hot Bitches performing a danceathon at 4pm.

3rd March – The second of the Martinborough Fairs is on. This is a repeat performance of the fair in February, with all the same fabulous food and stalls. It is a great opportunity to scope out some wineries while you’re over the hill. Martinborough Square.
10th March – Gay and Lesbian Fair, Newtown School. An array of stalls and activities. 9am-4pm

17th March – Whoop! Craft2.0 is going to be on at the NewDowse in Lower Hutt. This fabulous fair is the culmination of a month of activities at the NewDowse to celebrate its renovations. There will be the finest craft from around the country and hot bands. More information on this exciting event will be updated every 2 minutes (heh).

Craft 2.0

TheNewDowse is due to re-open on February 17th. There are exciting activities planned for the 4 weeks following, culminating in da da da dah! Craft2.0.

Craft2.0 is going to be on the 17th of March, and will be a craftacular, a spectacraft, if you will.

There will be bands, and a terrific array of local crafty goodies. I will be there with Babylicious, SuperVery will have fabulous jewellery, magnets and badges, tres talented Sam Broad will have some of his delicious prints and frames, and the original John Campbell t shirts by Hadyn will have a starring role. It is all dead exciting.

Applications are open now.

Craftwerk returns

Don’t leave town this Labour Weekend, and if you do, make sure you’re back by Monday 23rd October.

From 2-5pm at the Southern Cross, there were be a plethora of fabulous craft, beer and rock n roll baby.

More detail as soon as it emerges.

Craftwerk #4

Anyone would think I have some kind of vested interest in Craftwerk

Anyhow, last minute reminder.

Tonight, the Paramount, 5.30-8.30.

Craft, booze, music and big screen Atari.

Hot baby.