WOP: Cupcakes and Cocktails

 On Monday night my sister and I went to our first Wellington on a Plate event – the way sold-out (they added a couple more sessions even) Cupcakes and Cocktails at Martha’s Pantry. Given that neither of us is a slouch in the kitchen or bar, we weren’t sure how much we’d actually learn from the event, but since cupcakes and cocktails are two of our favourite things, we thought we’d give it a go. And when we walked in the door and saw that the McKenzie brothers were doing the mixing, we knew we were in safe hands. 

I figure I’ll do this post basically just a series of cupcake porn photos. You don’t mind, do you? Good. 

This was what was waiting for each of us at the tables – sandwiches to nibble on, cupcakes, icing and the cupcake recipe. We were also given Winter Pimms Punch to drink.


We had a couple of demonstrations about different ways to pipe, and were let loose on our own cocktails. 


You can see here that we had varying techniques and levels of success with that. 

Then, before too much icing could accidently end up in our mouths, Justin McKenzie, wearing one blue glove that was kind of creepy let us in on the magic formula for cocktails: two parts strong, one part sweet, one part sour. It’s so simple, I wasted all that money in Hooch and Hawthorne and Cuckoo for nothing!

cocktail ingredients

WOP Review: the $25 lunch at Finc

pork belly For my first Wellington on a Plate meal deal, I decided to go to Finc, with the delightful company of a friend I’d just seen killed twice on Saturday night. People have differing opinions about Finc, but for myself, I’ve always found it great in the evenings and very average at lunchtimes. For pork belly, I would take the plunge.

Getting burgered at WOAP: The Greenman

As my first taste of Burger Wellington, I decided to check out The Greenman because I had errands in the area, and their offering sounded quite delicious:

Whiskey and Maple Lamb Burger
Local lamb patty with lettuce, tomato and pineapple salsa on a shawarma bun, served with fries

And on the third day, He boozed again

While not of a religious persuasion, we flies can see the value of the pagan festivals that pre-dated Easter. After all, who wouldn’t want to celebrate the bountiful fertility of nature that brings us grapes, and hops, and agave, and … well, you can see where I’m going with this.

The gummint, that’s who! Easter licensing laws remain as restrictive as ever, and just as the bingeing worshipping gets into full swing at midnight on Saturday, bars will be forced to shut. Or will they?

I’m a celebrity, get me into there!

Festival ClubDespite some grumbles about the food and service (half-frozen pizza and disappearing rosé, anyone?), the Festival Club bar and café has been the place to be seen for certain sectors of society. So much so that a certain well-known (and very driven) architect was seen peering over the fence into the VIP section, with a look on his face that said “Why aren’t I in there? Surely I’m a VIP?!”.

He needn’t have bothered. While one might hope for the VIP enclosure at the Festival tent to be full of famous artists, louche bohemians and nubile circus performers, in reality it’s usually reserved for sponsors and guests, which in this case consisted primarily of lawyers and accountants in bad ties and plastic name tags. You’d find a more exciting crowd at St John’s.

It’s Wine Time

I know we talked about this last year, when we made fun of John McGrath (you know, just for a change) but I feel the need to remind y’all that the Wairarapa Wine Harvest Festival is coming up again.

And now I can say for certain that it really is the most kickass day ever. Just $25 gets your ticket into the shindig, and you can get a shuttle from the train for $15. Taste wines from all kinds of boutique winemakers around the Wairarapa, many of whom don’t have a cellar door. Laugh as the man from Maebus describes his favourite Pinot Noir as tasting “like angels fornicating in your mouth” – and try and get in his good books in case he really is in with Google. Watch my parents try and win half a case of wine with their awesome dancing skills again. But one suggestion: don’t try and walk on rolling barrels. You will just fall off, hit your head and cry.

Hutty goodtimes

The Hutt is a seething mass of culture (as if you didn’t know), and at the moment there is a particularly splendid outdoor exhibition of sculpture, Shape Shifter. The art works are for sale, and we at the Wellingtonista Towers feel a few would look just the thing in the foyer. The exhibition is at the Civic Gardens, next to the Horticultural Hall and opposite the Dowse.

Why not make a real trip of it, and come out on Saturday for the Petone Fiesta. This street carnival features a vibrant and eclectic mix of music, food, theatre, arts and crafts. A certain shop may even be open especially late for the fun , and a certain shopkeeper may be guzzling grog to make the fun funner, but that is another story…

Petone Fiesta, Jackson St, 6pm-10pm 8th March.

Shape Shifter, Civic Gardens, 22 February – 16 March.

Petone Fair today!

Be there to score some great food and rides and crowds and good times and bargains at a truly cool, old skool fair.

Jackson St, Petone. Today.

Um, that is all.

A lovely trim

It’s upon us, Fringe Festival time.

click to add titlefringe logo

I always love this time of year becuase you never quite know what might be happening around the corner. But you do know it’s a celebration of creativity that’s truly unique to our lovely Wellington.

Driving home today i saw art installations being installed, and i can’t wait to go visit them tomorrow

My cellphone sent ‘SECRET’ to 2343 along with my name and email so i could find out more about the Footnote Plus fuse secret production.

My ears and eyes are preparing for a 3D film plus octophonic sound at the Paramount courtesy of SpartacusR.

Do let us know what you’re looking forward to over the next few days and weeks!

It’s a festival! Of zines!

Did you know that Wellington City Libraries has a collection of over 500 zines (and growing!) with special emphasis on locally produced Wellington zines?

You did? You’re very clever, you know.

So what are you doing on Saturday the 8th? You’re heading down to the Wesley Church Hall on Taranaki St between 10am-4pm to check out Zinefest? Damn straight you are! You know how much you support self-publishing, music, art, craft and food!

And you’re going to introduce yourself to Joanna and buy her BOYS BOYS BOYS BOYS BOYS handwritten zine, 101 Stories that I want to tell you purge and her cookbook/entertaining guide You’re SO entertaining as well as her sugar scrub that all the Wellingtonista rave about? You are, right? That’s awesome! Well done you!