Should they stay or should they go?

We receive a lot of press releases here at the Wellingtonista, but few are as charming as this one: Brad and Nancy are actors who are also a couple, and they’re trying to decide if they should live in England or New Zealand. Naturally, they’ve decided to do a show in the Wellington Fringe Festival […]

Island Bay Festival 2012

The 28th annual Island Bay Festival kicks off tomorrow (Sat 11 Feb), with a heap of events and activities planned for the coming week. All the favourite events are back: Blessing of the Boats, the parade down the Parade, Bands in the Park (featuring Family Cactus, Ryan Prebble, Joe Blossom, and Newtown Sound and MC Israel […]

The Rugby World Cup and You, Too

Despite Hadyn’s earlier post we know there’s a reasonable proportion of you out there (just as among the Wellingtonista itself) that are relatively meh about this whole World Cup thing. But whatever your opinions about the event, it has to be acknowledged that a lot of effort has gone into the associated off-field activities, many […]

Wellington on a delicious plate

It has been a couple of weeks now since the launch of the Visa Wellington on a Plate programme, and we have been very remiss in not telling you about it. Your credit card, however, will thank us, as many of the events are now sold out. The launch was held in Mojo’s roasting premises […]

Webstock directions: rock out, tweet up

We’re not going to bother telling you about Webstock because a) you should already know all about it and b) there was only one ticket left as of this morning (although there are still tickets to the ONYAs available, so get on that. Instead, we’re going to tell you about two related events that we […]

TAWA5 Most Missed

We loved you… and then you were gone. When will we see you again? When will we share those precious moments? (etc etc.) Here are some great Wellington things we miss:

From Paris to Pompeii – again

As part of Massey University’s ‘Blow’ Creative Arts Festival, Leimomi Oakes is once again presenting a  a free talk and fashion show From Pompeii to Paris: the Classical influence on Western fashion See history come to life with a talk exploring how ancient Greece and Rome have influenced fashions in the West.  The talk will […]

The Lane comes to Wellington

You know how you saw the lineup for the St Jerome Laneaways Festival and were like “Oh man, such cool bands, but I don’t want to have to go to Auckland to see them”? Well now you don’t have to! Haha! Awesomeness.

Live Brazil Festival 2010

Oi Galera! The 2010 Live Brazil festival kicks off tonight and runs until Sunday night. There will be Brazilian music, dance, and food — what more could you want? Most events will be at Estadio on Blair St (the former Temperance) but tonight’s performances are at Te Papa. Check out the programme.

WOP Review: the $35 lunch at Foxglove

 Sometime last week I took my sister to lunch at Foxglove. We both started with the caramelised onion soup in a cob bowl with gruyere cheese and white truffle, which was less liquid than we expected, but it was delicious. Just look at it:

It was pretty filling just by itself, so I was anticipating a small portion for my main. Instead, I got two glorious bits of beer battered market fish with green pea gribiche (which is pretty much just tartar sauce) AND then they brought out fries and salad to go with it. Yum!

My sister, meanwhile, had confit chicken leg with crayfish ravioli and mushroom cream.

What I tried of it was tasty, with a surprise citrus zing. Our Magrain Sav was delicious as well, full size portions served in full size glasses (take note, Finc!). Service was great, until we tried to pay, and were left floundering for about ten minutes while we were also waiting for our coffees to go, because lunch had taken about an hour and twenty minutes. Others have complained that the ferns by the door are smelly, but we were on the other side of the restaurant so we didn’t notice.  Based on the quality of the food, and the generous servings of it, I would definitely return to Foxglove, as long as I had plenty of time to spare.