A super great night with Gamefroot

Last night the City Gallery played host to the launch of Gamefroot, a new platform on which to build platform games – or more specifically, a HTML5 Game Creation tool. If you can use a web browser and if you can use mouse to click and drag – then you can use Gamefroot. The bar has […]

Music vs Art = Open City

City Gallery is currently exhibiting Roundabout, a major collection of bold, bright and wicked-as works from emerging artists from around the world. It’s well worth a visit. Part of Roundabout is 48,000 Revolutions, a piece by Flying Nun founder Roger Shepherd. He’s selected 24 hours worth of songs, which randomly play. There is also – and […]

Bill Hammond – City Gallery

Hammond_MASTER Assuming you haven’t swanned off to sun yourself in the miserable bloody New Zealand Christmas weather, dashing in and out of the rainstorms and/or hail with your bottle of BananaBoat, toweling hat, and lawnchair, then you’re probably still around Wellington.

Assuming you’ve made the right decision (and are having your hols in February), then we here at the Wellingtonista advise you to get yourself along to the City Gallery for the FREE Bill Hammond exhibition, Jingle Jangle Morning.

And why? Because even when it’s crappy out, Bill’s painting is there for you.

Where we’ll be

If you’re trying to stalk the Wellingtonista, and/or find something to do this weekend, here are our hot tips:

  • The City Art Gallery tonight because Luke Buda is adorable and Aspen has a good track record
  • The Aro Valley Fair. Perhaps you can find out for me why it seems that everyone in Aro owns a dog and/or a baby.
  • Trying to find the Wellingtonista on our big night out on Saturday – it would be cheating to tell you where we’ll be, but there may be clues in these posts here.
  • If the poster’s this good the Voom and The Sneaks gig should be good as well. Voom used to be the laziest band in NZ – their songs are so effortlessly pop perfection – but it seems they’ve finally got their act together after many line-up scandals.
  • The Festival Italia on Sunday. Perhaps you could adopt a bad accent and try the “Do you have any Italian in you? Do you want some?” line you neglected to use on St. Patrick’s Day.

A Friday night and a Saturday morning

Down at the City Gallery on Friday night they are running another one of their Late Night Sessions, where you get to cruise around the big exhibition (this time it’s the biennial Prospect show) in relative peace and listen to lovely live music while you do so. And all for free.

City Gallery’s popular late night Friday returns. Wander through Telecom Prospect 2007: New Art New Zealand to a backdrop of independent and electronic sounds by local performers. Featuring Peneloping, Tc Wedde with Luke Buda, and Aspen.

The lovely Luke Buda is of course in The Phoenix Foundation, as is (the equally lovely) Tc Wedde. Aspen is also lovely and also known as Signer, and is one half of Over the Atlantic and one half of Skallander. And the "medium-core girl-boy plinkpop!" Peneloping also have a very good reputation as a live act. Having experienced Late Night Sessions many times before – from the point of view both of a performer and a patron – I can heartily recommend this event.

lunchtime confrontation

We will admit it was the mention of a freely downloadable podcast commentary in this week’s Listener that drew us in. Some of us Wellingtonistas are more geeky than others. But given what seems to be the theme of the City Gallery‘s latest exhibition, Australian artist Patricia Piccanini‘s In Another Life (19 February to 11 […]