Mojo Origins

by Alan April 12, 2011

We can’t help feeling a little bit pleased that one of the Starbucks on Lambton Quay has closed, and been replaced by a shiny new Mojo: This is the new Mojo Origins, out the front of Lambton Square, behind a schist facade that some years ago had been put together for an earlier tenant, Rodd […]

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The carrots! They are mobbing!

by Joanna April 8, 2011

Conscious Consumers is organising New Zealand’s first Carrotmob.The basic idea of a Carrotmob is to organise consumers to shop at a particular business, if that business pledges to use the money to adopt more environmentally and socially responsible practices.  The business that wins the ‘mob’ of consumers is the one that pledges to use the […]

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A Social Network for Coffee Drinkers

by Mike Riversdale March 11, 2008

Hey, this is Wellington, the town that’s run on coffee and is generally savvy enough to be online and connected.

We probably need this (Coffeenatic) like an extra hole in the head … but then again that’ll just make getting the coffee in quicker!

(thank you Web Worker Daily for noticing this for us all)

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Mo’ Ho?

by The Masked Barfly March 1, 2008

Some have accused Mojo of becoming Wellington’s answer to Starbucks, but according to one blogger, maybe they’re more like Hooters. Apparently, “All the female staff have their shirts buttoned down to the lowest feasible button meaning that any movement will expose a little more breast than your average cafe.” Is this a new moral low for coffee marketing? Such a major incident required fearless investigative reporting, so a fly was dispatched to Mojo to find out…

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Coffee in Newtown?

by Dan January 1, 2008

Can anybody help me locate a decent coffee in Newtown during these interminable public holidays? Peoples’ is shut until Monday, as is the café at the Med. The only option I have located thus far is Eva Dixon’s at the Zoo (which was a lovely walk in the sun) but resulted in a small latté in a large takeaway cup topped by prodigious amounts of froth, cost me $5.20 including the surcharge, and tasted like filth.

So, tomorrow I need a better option. Any ideas?

UPDATE: Thanks to the helpful comments I headed north today to find that The Ballroom, The Recovery Room and Pranah are all closed (which I suspected after having the same problems last Easter). And I did feel fairly strange prowling the corridors of the hospital looking for the Fuel kiosk which was also closed.

So, I’m off to the movies at Island Bay where, hopefully, the Empire can serve me up a brew before Alvin and The Chipmunks.

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Your fortnight in coffee

by Joanna April 29, 2007

Fairtrade Fortnight started yesterday, so I’m sure you’re keen to do your bit to make the world a better place. The Wellingtonista would, therefore, like you to help us do a little research.

There are a lot of coffee companies in Wellington who now offer fairtrade beans. We want you to get drinking and tell us what the best ones are. You can use the fairtrade locator to start your search, but it may be a little out of date – there is no Malo Cafe anymore, for example – so it might be best if you ask your favourite cafes if they have fairtrade beans – and if they don’t, ask them why the hell they don’t. Go forth and caffinate!

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Wellingtonista boos: ads on our sacred space

by Joanna January 26, 2007

Adjusting to the new offices on Lambton Quay hasn’t been easy, and a huge part of the problem has been trying to get into a new coffee routine. That is why it’s so distressing that Fresco*, which sells Mojo coffee, is now using takeaway cups printed with Telecom advertising. How many minutes will I spend thinking about coffee over the next two years? A lot more than I’ll think about switching to Telecom, you punks. Even if I hadn’t had my vodafone number since it was Bell South, there’s no way I’d switch now. Leave me alone and stop hounding me when all I am trying to do is wake up!

* Yes, their takeaway lattes are $4.50, but their muffins are $2.50, so breakfast is only 20 cents more expensive than getting a cheese scone and coffee from Kyrani.

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The odyssey of Mr Reasonable

by Alan April 27, 2006

Local blogger Mr Reasonable plans to combine his whizzo geek toys and dangerously obsessive love of coffee into an caffeine fuelled odyssey of live blogging from cafés in the besuited end of town: I am going to visit a different Wellington Cafe every day next week, order a decent Latté, take a photo of said […]

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