Craft Central, moves into the Centre of Wellington

For over a year Craft Central’s been a delightful little market held monthly at Miramar School, one of those little secrets only locals know about, like Craig the Chemist who always has stickers on hand to bring a smile to kids’ faces.  But Libby and Katherine, Craft Central’s creators, had big dreams, to turn their 100% NZ […]

seasons changing so it must be time for knack

I’m not sure about everyone else, but as a crafty person and lover of handmade fairs where the focus is on locally designed and created items, I measure my seasons by Knack Craft Market I know it’s autumn, not because of the weather, or the dates but because knack tells me so. Held at Berhampore […]

A boat, a beer and a duck

This week’s foodie musings take me back to Wednesday’s 2-4-1 dinner at the Boat Café, nibbles and drinks at The Hop Garden, and a Le Canard roast duck from the Harbourside Market. The Boat Café harbours (yeah, yeah groan!) fond memories of the original Parade Café, a place of worship for many. The food remains […]

warm, fuzzy and very cuddly

Every month the Underground Market has a larger Theme Market with more specialty stalls. This Saturday it’s about wool, things made from wool, and things to do with wool. So quite surprisingly they call this speciality event the Wonders of Wool. It runs from 10am till 4pm this Saturday May the 4th. Some of the […]

Craft2.0 brings you a Trunk Show

We’re not sure if you’ve heard yet but that mad season we call Christmas is just around the corner and if you’re like us you’ve probably got one or two people you still need to find the perfect gift for. You could pack your sneakers and your pink elbow guards and head out with the […]

We’ve got a craft fair tomorrow

Saturday is Election Day, but more importantly (to me at least) it’s Christmas Knack Day. All I can assume is the PM woke up one morning and thought “how can I make voting more fun?”, and thus Election Day and Knack got married, and now you can get your craft on and vote all at […]

Taking the Good with the Bad

Vege Long Shot

Although Tom beat me to the chase on posting about the Waitangi Park Markets I thought I would supplement his post with a few secrets from the markets he may just have overlooked.

What I’ve enjoyed about the markets, apart from hauling my sorry tuckus out of bed at 8 or 9am on a Sunday, is the way it’s something of a little community.

vension man

Mind you, it’s a community made up of people whose names I don’t know, and there’s even a few I forgot to photograph. But you get the gist.

Vension guy here, for example, sells some pretty good salami. They’re brought in from some wholesaler called BaseCamp. We’ve got one hanging in the pantry gradually aging. It’s covered in a white mold and is starting to get properly stinky. Will probably use it on a pizza, or maybe in an antipasto of some kind.


This guy on the other hand might look like the fishmonger from the Asterix books, but he actually makes a pretty good variety of rustic breads.

We call him, “the nine-grain man”, because makes this fantastic bread. Keeps for about a week, and takes a whole lot of eating. It’s not delicate and refined like Moulin Bakery, but… who cares! You need to be making doorstop sandwiches? Get on down the market.