Pie time

by Anna August 1, 2011

Many fingers in many pies and bunny men of the moment, The Nudge have their album release gig this Friday night at San Francisco Bath House.  You’ll recognise these three from a concoction of other incarnations: Ryan  Prebble, James Coyle and Iraia Whakamoe with special guests Warren Maxwell  and DJ Electica.  $15 on the door  

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Erm, an antidote to Wellywood?

by Anna June 17, 2011

At the 48 Hour Film Fest this week the pines up on Mt Vic got a certain amount of screen time in one video in particular – the winner of the Best Worst category. Here the pines star again, this time as a Magical Forest in the latest creation from the nut bars behind I […]

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NZ Country Blues

by Anna June 9, 2011

I’m posting this as I’m amused this band’s appearance on Good Morning is listed on their poster! Playing the San Fran Bath House tonight, $10

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Wellingtonians welcome

by Anna February 9, 2011

This is a cheeky post but it involves a heap of Wellingtonians so bear with me. Thanks to Air NZ, it’s possible to visit Wellingtonian Bret McKenzie and funny man Hamish Blake on the set of Two Little Boys, Rob Sarkies latest feature, currently being shot in Invercargill. It’s a very rare chance to come […]

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Here kitty, kitty

by Anna November 18, 2010

So the race is on. The first 500 free tickets to the Tiger Translate event hitting town next Friday 26 November have been snapped up BUT a second release of tickets has been announced. Head to HeyTiger to get tickets to this FREE! event at the Opera House (and Opera House lane) featuring a true […]

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Oh Baby, Baby

by Anna November 4, 2010

This Friday and Saturday night, film maker Julie Hill (who’s name you may recognise from her work at Radio New Zealand and on Frontseat ) is screening the premiere of her documentary, Baby where are the fine things you promised me? at the Film Archive. The doco follows local actor Stephen Bain and his protest […]

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Need something indoors to do with the kids?

by Anna September 29, 2010

During the school holidays the good folk at the Film Archive run a kids movie programmed called Mini Sized Square Eyes (not to be confused with the Square Eyes Foundation).

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 11am during the holidays the kids can be entertained for an hour with gems from the Archive’s extensive collections, including the original film version of Where the Wild Things Are, early Walt Disney animation and classic slices of NZ experiments on film. Screenings designed for kids aged 4 – 12 years. Buggies welcome.

Entry by gold coin donation.


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Xiu Xiu

by Anna September 10, 2010


So many good things on this weekend. Maybe Wellington’s about to put its head up out of the winter slump….? 

One highlight is art-poppers Xiu Xiu who are playing SFBH with Siamese (Grayson Gilmour) and talented duo Glass Vaults. Phew.


And here’s a girl in an apple. Tickets$26

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Soup & A Seat

by Anna August 20, 2010

new balls required?

Today’s soup is Minestrone and today’s film is Nude Zealand

Soup & a Seat for $8!
Need I say more?

Nude Zealand (New Zealand, 1999)
Ninox Films, Exempt, 45 minutes

A series of frank interviews with various New Zealand naturists, exploring their many and varied motivations for following the clothes-free lifestyle.

Originally screened in Prime Time on TV3, Nude Zealand manages to avoid many of the clichés and much of the innuendo that so frequently goes hand-in-hand with documentaries on naturism.

Nude Zealand talks to members of Naturist clubs and the documentary crew is on hand when Christchurch firefighters pay a visit to a local club, some of whom are making tentative steps towards life ‘in the buck’.

Nude Zealand also looks back to the first NZ nudist club, established in 1933. Warning: (not surprisingly) CONTAINS NUDITY.

Event details here

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Spaced Out

by Anna August 18, 2010

The Film Archive Traveling Film Show is back in Wellington this week with a brilliant selection of space films sourced from their extensive collection.

This should be a doosey (doozey? have just realised I don’t know how to spell that) with early fantasy films from the late 1890s by French film maker and magician George Méliès. Plus footage from 1965 of Russian astronaut Alexei Leonov conducting the world’s first spacewalk!

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