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Heather C

Hats off…

by Heather C July 16, 2014

To Logan Brown (2 hats), Ortega Fish Shack, The Larder, Charley Noble and Taylors on Jackson (1 hat each) – Logan Brown being the only non-Auckland restaurant to be awarded 2 hats in 2014 (rating alongside Baduzzi and The Grill by Sean Connolly, and just one point below Masu and Kazuya). Well done Wellington! Now what’s […]

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Holey pancake!

by Heather C July 2, 2014

Who’d’ve thought a few holes could be so useful. Finc are doing Yemenese pancakes on their breakfast and brunch menu at the moment (with poached winter fruit warmed in a ginger syrup with thick yoghurt) – a thin spongy dinner-plate-sized pancake full of holes and great for catching and mopping up sauces and syrups. And […]

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Channeling your inner southern man (or woman)…

by Heather C June 25, 2014

As if we aren’t fooded out at the moment with all the WOAP preps, the annual Monteith’s Wild Food Challenge starts on 1 July. Yep, next week. Check out the website here listing all your local outlets and options (but have a plethora of swear words ready for trying to navigate easily between the Wellington […]

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A 5th birthday…

by Heather C June 17, 2014

The City Market (Sundays at Chaffers) is turning 5. So this Sunday they’re running a little longer than usual (til 2pm) and adding more entertainment and stalls (quite a long list actually if you check out their Facebook page). The market still has some good old favourites like Le Marche French cheeses, Rachel’s Yellow Brick Road seafood, […]

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Get your game face on…..

by Heather C June 4, 2014

Wellington on a Plate programme goes live on their website this Friday. The Grow Wellington formal WOAP launch party tomorrow night. Visa ticket pre-sales 16 June. It’s nearly game on…..    

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Roasty comfort

by Heather C May 27, 2014

It must be the weather. I’ve been thinking about roasts a lot. So here’s a round-up of the ones I could dig up around the city (there may be others, so please add to the list in the comments):  Matterhorn – from 5.30pm until they run out (only so many portions). A different surprise meat […]

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Crafters brew corner

by Heather C May 6, 2014

How to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear?  That was the question for the brothers who own the building just off the corner of Victoria and Vivian when their former tenants’ venture to open a bakery/café dissolved. So in true kiwi fashion, they decided they’d better jump in themselves and do something […]

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Easter markets

by Heather C April 14, 2014

Here are the YES’s and NO’s for the usual Wellington markets over Easter if you fancy a wander and inhale or imbibe: YES’s: Frank Kitts underground craft market on Saturday Porirua and Hutt Riverside markets on Saturday Hill Street Farmers market on Saturday The Fringe Markets in Allen Street on Saturday Harbourside market on Sunday […]

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Sweeties for your sweetie…

by Heather C March 29, 2014

As if Easter coming isn’t enough (I hear the cinnamon bunnies at Bohemein are hopping out the door again), we now have more sweet deliciousness on offer around the city. Firstly the new venture on Featherston Street in the old Capri space – Louis Sergeant Sweet Couture.  By (you’ll never guess…) Louis Sergeant, the until-recently […]

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A ginger latte, other Eva-Leeds tipples and Caffeination

by Heather C March 16, 2014

Six Barrel Soda is a semi-regular stop and there I recently found a ginger latte (their ginger syrup with hot latte milk), with or without a shot of coffee.  You probably do have to be a ginger fan, but it was rather delicious and autumnal.  I also spied a new rhubarb syrup and then after […]

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