Review: The Tigers of Wrath

“Our parents do not follow a traditional perspective, growing smaller on approach. Only later will their true scale be apparent.” – Alan Moore, The Birth Caul Once, so the legend goes, there were a race of beautiful fiery-eyed children who heard the clarion-call of a new and brighter age; and buoyed by the prosperity wrest […]

Discover the Light House Cuba before the world’s movie-talkers spread the word during Skyfall

The Cuba Quarter’s newest entertainment venue is a welcome addition indeed, with the well-respected Light House Cinemas spreading into Wellington proper (sorry Petone but whatchagone do, you’re Petone) via their new location opposite Havana on Wigan Street. If Cuba Street and Courtenay Place had a fight (what do you mean “if,” right?), this now gives […]

Review: The Hobbit Companion

It’s not by chance that John Ronald Reuel Tolkien’s was the setting that would become the default template for the popular notion of high-fantasy; no arbitrary circumstance that led to Tolkien’s intricately-crafted argot becoming the lingua franca of the sword-and-sorcery genre as it’s commonly understood today. Tolkien, with his fellow Inkling and understudy in Christianity […]

Putting them away with JK: We attend an Event at Tuatara’s new brewery

It’s 9:50am and the glitterati of Paraparaumu are itching to get they drank on. Outside the brand-new Tuatara Brrry (or Brewery, as it’s known on paper), they huddle under the awning to escape a rain that never falls, hugging the outer wall of the benighted edifice — hoping, perhaps, to osmose their way to double-vision. […]

Review: Privatising Parts

It’s hard to come away from Privatising Parts without a renewed sense of optimism for our next step, you know, as humans. Teetering at the brink of a new dystopian singularity for every day of the week – global economic collapse, post-human obsolescence, a flailing mass descent through Sartre’s nausea and out into hyper-Materialist nihilism […]

Review: Serial Killers

The Gryphon’s production of Serial Killers is a period piece set in the days when instead of saying “YouTube” we said “network television,” and instead of bemoaning “reality TV” and its effects on the unwashed-at-large, we bemoaned “soap operas” and their see above. One assumes it’s intended as evergreen commentary upon the early 2000s when […]