We all like a mystery, right?

Well, maybe not this person. But others, and especially out-of-towners, might be intrigued by this auction of a mystery weekend in Wellington this weekend. Even if you’re in Wellington already, the accommodation for two, together with promises of “presents, chocolates …” and “… something in there that no amount of money could buy” could make it all worthwhile.

You’d better hurry, though, since the bidding closes this evening.

Civic pride

Wellington Civic TrustIt may not be Wellingtonista Awards season just yet, but here’s another chance to put in a plug for your favourite things in the Wellington built environment. The Wellington Civic Trust Awards are coming up, and the trust wants your nominations for the best recent contributions in the following fields:

  • Building
  • Heritage
  • Environmental
  • Public Space
  • Street Art

Nnominations close on the 18th of August, and nominated projects must have been completed since the previous awards in 2005. There’s also a separate voting form for best new sculpture, and if the sculpture that does it for you isn’t on that list, you could always nominate it in the Street Art category.

As well as nominating your favourites, feel free to comment here and share your rants and raves.

Talking ’bout the weather

Apparently all hell is breaking loose in the Hutt: rumours of heavy rain warnings abound, and messages are going around offices advising people living in Eastbourne to head home NOW. Certainly the radar shows some nasty stuff around, the result of the southerly making its way northwards, and the rainfall sensors and stream flows are starting to pick up. If anything dramatic starts to happen, do let us all know!

Hivemind: laptop repair without extortion?

Consider, hypothetically, that one had dropped one’s laptop, breaking the backlight to the LCD screen but leaving the screen itself intact. Consider also that the authorised repair company for the laptop manufacturer (name omitted to protect the thieving monopolistic b*st*rds innocent) said that the whole screen has to be replaced at a cost of nearly $500, when it seems that it is theoretically quite possible to replace just the lamp, a component that is worth in the region of $20.

Now suppose, hypothetically of course, that the owner of said laptop is too stingy environmentally responsible to throw away a perfectly good LCD screen. Where in Wellington might that theoretical owner find a reliable, reasonably-priced independent laptop repairer?

Let’s go shwopping

Want new threads but can’t afford them in these straitened times? Got some old clothes that you want to see go to a good home? Worried about the environmental obscenity of our throw-away fashion culture? Then The Big Shwop is for you.


The concept of “swishing“, clothes-swapping parties for eco-conscious fashionistas, has been around for a while. Our lovely lovely lovely friends at Pretty Pretty Pretty also had a “dud-swap” for cosmetic products at their big party. But The Big Shwop takes it to a more public level, with their first Shwop happening at the Southern Cross on Saturday August the 2nd. For more details on how it works, see their web site.


PhotobucketAs you may have twigged by now, we likes us some Mighty Mighty. However, even we usually draw the line at spending two nights in a row there dancing our collective arses off and getting Real Sloshed Bitches. It’s going to be hard to resist the temptation this weekend though, kicking off on Friday night with TV Disko and carrying on with the L.E.D.s on Saturday.

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Opening and closing

Here’s a couple of exhibitions with openings that you’ll want to attend, and one that you really ought to see before it closes.

First up, Page Blackie Gallery (which is a much less geographically confusing name than its previous incarnation as Tinakori Gallery) launches a new exhibition of Gina Jones’ light works tomorrow night (Tuesday 24th from 5:30pm). Jones’ work will be familiar to many from her permanent installation in the gallery, and even if the Page Blackie crowd tends towards an older demographic (you could almost hear the old money rustling at the recent Max Gimblett launch), the openings can still be lively affairs: the Masked Barfly warns us to get there early and stake out the drinks table.


The opening of Jane Kellahan‘s Humankind exhibition, from which the above image “The Healers” is taken, sounds like it’s aimed at a slightly different audience. It will feature live music by members of Phoenix Foundation and Fat Freddy’s Drop, and it’s on at the Woolstore Design Centre (262 Thorndon Quay) from 5:30pm next Wednesday the 2nd of July. If you miss the launch but want to see her work, you’ll have to be quick because it’s only on until the 5th, or if you’re really keen she also runs workshops.

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Electro-rock overload

Expat Wellingtonian keytar-toting fashionista sexpots Charlie Ash are back in town and playing at Bodega this Saturday.


There’s the usual huge line-up of support acts, including MC Stormtrooper, Trimasterbate and Heat Like Me, who some of you may remember from the recent L.E.D.s gig. They’re a little bit Eighties electro and just a little bit late-Nineties techno (not that there’s anything wrong with that), and they should complement Charlie Ash’s punky lycra-glam just so.

But for those who want their rock with a little less glitter and a whole lot more feedback, Saturday night may be better spent at Happy, where Wellington’s favourite post-prog-drone-noise outfit The Stumps take on Melbourne’s Elise & Jem and Huttite ambient-art-metal superstars Black Boned Angel. If you’re undecided and brimming with stamina you might try making it to both: but good luck trying to find an outfit to suit both gigs.

Hump Day Air Humps

Looks like our invertebrate colleague has been doing what flies do best: spreading dirt. But the fine weather has made us cheerful, so we thought it was time to spread some sunshine about some of the things we love.

The Chef’s Café, 251 Cuba St. Not exactly high-class decor, but at $12.90 all-inclusive for better-than-average curry, rice & naan, we’re not complaining. Plus, it’s BYO.

Sprinklers saved St Peter’s: might they save you next?

Stable, at 47 Willis St, seems like the most interesting of the Chews Lane retail offerings. More than the usual Huffer/Diesel streetwear (though there’s that too): Marc by Marc Jacobs, Kate Sylvester menswear and Cheap Monday.

Dymocks’ Tuesday Temptation deals (20% off and changes each week).

Sweet Fanny Anne’s. The delightful Claire has a totally winning smile and attitude, and if you buy a coffee, you get to draw a card. If you get an ace, you get the coffee for free. If you draw the Joker, you get to tell a joke, and if you make Claire laugh, you also get free coffee!

Holy Smoke!

The historic St Peters church, on the corner of Willis & Ghuznee St, is currently on fire.


There are seven fire appliances and one ambulance attending the fire, and just now they seem to have stopped the smoke belching out of the doors and windows. More updates & photos as they come to hand…