Coffee for John Key and America’s Cup fans

by Joanna November 12, 2013

Tonight we went to the opening of the Nespresso “boutique” on Lambton Quay, because frankly, we’d go to the opening of envelopes if they involved Louis Roederer champagne(1) (although a number of people we know turned down the invitation, sent us links to a Buzzfeed article about disposable pods and then commissioned haikus) and it was […]

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that thing called weather

by Sue Tyler June 21, 2013

Wellington is having a bit of weather at the moment, sure we get weather 24/7 but this weather, it’s Spectacular Southerly Weather! I’m not sure what would justify all caps weather but here’s a little trip around the south coast to show you how things roll into Wellington when we have Weather if you are […]

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What do they want and how do they get there?

by Joanna October 23, 2012

Rotary Forum has a question to ask. We have a rare opportunity: Wellington is what we make it and you can be part of shaping it. Now in its second successful year, this highly topical community forum asks; what kind of city and region do we want? How should community views be expressed in local […]

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Miniature Wellington

by Alan July 30, 2012

Via Dave on Twitter (and a few others including, we now see, the Dom Post) comes this lovely Wellington time-lapse video from local film maker Jared Gray: If only all those cars were that small in real life!

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a visit to Zealandia

by Alan April 12, 2012

Over Easter, the weather suddenly went all settled and warm. This is perhaps not unusual for autumn, but given the crap summer most parts of the country have had for the past few months it was somewhat unexpected. In fact the forecast for Easter was so dire that it played a reasonable part in us […]

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Notional Significance: Downstream

by Alf Rune February 27, 2012

[See all Notional Significance posts] My narrative has been marooned in Johnsonville for over eight months, a fate that, if not actually worse than death, is perilously close to it. In fact, it is exactly a year since I walked this section of road, and last week’s remembrance was the spur I needed to get […]

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The carrots! They are mobbing!

by Joanna April 8, 2011

Conscious Consumers is organising New Zealand’s first Carrotmob.The basic idea of a Carrotmob is to organise consumers to shop at a particular business, if that business pledges to use the money to adopt more environmentally and socially responsible practices.  The business that wins the ‘mob’ of consumers is the one that pledges to use the […]

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Wellington Killah Beez on the Swarm

by Joanna March 25, 2011

We like our blue cheese served with honey at Pollux, and we like our cocktails honey-rimmed at S&M. It’s fair to say that we here at the Wellingtonista are fans of bees, no matter what their political affiliations may be. That said, everyone knows we’re a bunch of pinko lefties, so it’s only fitting that […]

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TAWA5 Best Outdoors Experience

by Alan November 20, 2010

Sometimes, we need to look up from that monitor and get ourselves some Vitamin D from the big solar dispenser. Here are some of our favourite outdoors places:

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Get rid of your old computer crap

by Robyn November 5, 2010

You know all that stuff under your bed, in your wardrobe or in your bottom drawer? Yeah, that old laptop you were going to sell on Trade Me when you upgraded five years ago, and your crappy old cellphone you could never go back to since you bought your spiffy new smartphone. Well, you know […]

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