Maximum Joy Number Two

Disk-jockeys Longboss and Name return to Mighty Mighty for another night of dizzy disco heat this Friday with MAXIMUM JOY #2.

MAXIMUM JOY!! is night to celebrate leftfield disco, Balearic soft rock, postpunk and electrofunk: music to boost your mind, ass and soul to cosmic new heights.

Through the year, Name and Longboss toil tirelessly to source the hottest, most bent-up byproducts of the disco era and today. Using extra sensory intelligence, they bring MAXIMUM JOY!! to Wellington.

MAXIMUM JOY NUMBER TWO: Friday 2 November at Mighty Mighty, 9pm till late. Dress to impress, not suppress…

Swiss on Wry – Saturday at Mighty Mighty

As the newest member of the glitterati set colloquially known as Los Wellingtonistas, I would like to draw readers’ collective attentions to one of this weekend’s musical highlights:
Lonesome Cowboy Wanderer Delaney Davidson, formerly of Switzerland (via Christchurch), returns to New Zealand to share his primitive rock ‘n roll folk with Wellington.
This Saturday night the Mighty Mighty hosts Delaney, his lapsteel, and his friends the Wrongdoings of Wellington County, and Wairarapa Wolfman Boss Christ.
Delaney was the NZ member of Pan-European cabaret noisenik folksters the Dead Brothers, once described as “more or less what’s left of a symphony orchestra after their car crashed”. The Wrongdoings are a twisted country foursome; and Boss Christ is a spectacular half-man, half-wolf, all-blues, primitive dynamo.
Saturday 26th October, 9pm at the Mighty Mighty
$10 entry

See you there!

The Phoenix Foundation – Bright Grey

With a shiny US record deal under their belts, The Phoenix Foundation are getting ready to take over the world with their upcoming third album entitled “Happy Ending” (which dispenses with – disappointingly – the equine-themed nature of their previous two releases: “Horse Power” & “Pegasus”).

Here’s the first single and video from the album, shot, I’m told, in Island Bay, and directed by fellow Wellingtonian and Oscar-nominated film-maker, Taika Waititi.

Jason Kahn and White Fungus

Jason Kahn is a sound and visual artist based in Zürich whose work includes drawing, sound installation, performance and composition. He was born in New York, grew up in Los Angeles and relocated to Europe in 1990. Kahn has been exhibiting his sound and visual works since the late 1990s, and has had solo and group exhibitions in museums, galleries and arts spaces pretty much everywhere in the damn world.

And he’s playing in Wellington on Sunday night.

The Drop for NYE

(that title’s terribly street of me isn’t it)

Here it straight from the horses mouth via an email in my Inbox:




People around the world are you looking for a heavyweight musical tip for NYE?
Freddy says set your sights on Shed 6 in Wellington.

The Drop, with DJ Fitchie in the control box, has booked Fat Freddy’s Drop, Shapeshifter and Ladi6 & Parks to play at Shed 6 and observe the midnight transition to a new dawn and a new year.

It’s the first NYE hometown gig for the Freddy’s since The Flashback at The Phoenix a couple of years ago, and the first time back at the Shed since the rawkus Based On A True Story album release gig in 2005.

That’s all Freddy can reveal for now, stay tuned for full ticketing information, real soon.



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Stay tooned!

Firehouse meet Jafa and Yardwise

FH-JM-YWOK, get yourself ready to get along to some Reggae runnings at the San Francisco Bathhouse this Saturday, 4th August.

The Nice-Up Crew are putting the monthly gig on.

That’s 10pm, Cuba St, all welcome.

Nina Nastasia

Nina Nastasia is an accomplished musician, songwriter and performer who currently makes her home in New York, but she’s playing at the Bar Bodega on Friday night with Jim White (out of Aussie week-long-musical-wake post-rockers The Dirty Three).

More info after the jump.

Ghetto Red Hot

Man, I don’t know how many times i’ve promised the NiceUp Crew that I’ll get along to one of their gigs…

It’s just that I’m getting real long in the tooth, even though I’m a huuuge fan of dancehall reggae and ska.

But don’t let me being old stop you from having a grand old time!

Get yourself along to Ghetto Red Hot on June 23.

And then write and tell us old geezers how excellent it was.

Ukes at lunch

Two events at the libraryWe love the library. We do. And many of us are in there at least once a week, and not just to admire the architecture. (For some of us it has something to do with those kid’s pacifiers DVDs having just a seven day loan period. But we digress.)

Like the Wellingtonista, the library too is celebrating NZ Music month – they’re hosting a quiz that always ends with the chance to win a well known brand of MP3 player. Nice.

But even better, there’s a performance by local Super Group The Wellington International Ukelele Orchestra this Thursday 12:30pm at the library.

If you are feeling brave enough to visit MySpace, check out some videos here. And should your immersion in the Wellington music scene be as pitifully shallow as this sad individual‘s, then you should consider your attendance on Thursday to be compulsory.

Pop Levi

Hey I’m excited. Liverpudlian nu-glam and ex-Ladytron bassist Pop Levi is bringing his hyperactive T. Rex-isms to the Bathhouse.

More info after the jump.