Live Brazil Festival 2010

Oi Galera! The 2010 Live Brazil festival kicks off tonight and runs until Sunday night. There will be Brazilian music, dance, and food — what more could you want? Most events will be at Estadio on Blair St (the former Temperance) but tonight’s performances are at Te Papa. Check out the programme.

Sun Araw (US) w, Orchestra of Spheres Thursday at Happy

Another excellent show on Thursday, you can even make it after Flying Nun at City Gallery Wellington. SUN ARAW is the sound of the late-night party deepening to cosmic levels as you turn up the bass and fog up the place. Mantras emerge from voluminous reverb. Old-school Jamaican grooves roll deep with Afro-funk guitar. Shuddering […]

Music vs Art = Open City

City Gallery is currently exhibiting Roundabout, a major collection of bold, bright and wicked-as works from emerging artists from around the world. It’s well worth a visit. Part of Roundabout is 48,000 Revolutions, a piece by Flying Nun founder Roger Shepherd. He’s selected 24 hours worth of songs, which randomly play. There is also – and […]

Soundstage: Strike Percussion and Warren Maxwell

Wellington musical collaborations are so hot right now, with the pulsing funked out drama of Eru Dangerspiel cramming more than 15 musicians and a damn choir onto the stage at the Town Hall last night and Rhian Sheehan’s outstanding show at the Opera House in June it seems that being all lush and orchestral and big is, well, big.  The spores of certain Welly super-groups can be found in basements all over Wellington collaborating on new projects, getting back together with each other, going solo again, it is bloody hard to keep up! 


Those Twinset boys seem to be slutting it all over town and Warren Maxwell has managed mix it with NZSO (as Little Bushman) plan a couple of shows with a reformed Trinity Roots and work on new material with Strike Percussion.




A little taster of the full length show brewing between Warren and Strike will be on offer at Downstage this Sunday as part of the Soundstage series.  There will also be some fresh reinterpretations of Strike and Little Bushman classics (this girl is looking forward to seeing what they can do with Corrupt Demeanor).  Looks like there may be another guest musician spot too, so once again time to have a few less $5 flat whites and book tickets.


What: Strike Percussion and Warren Maxwell

Where: Downstage theatre

When: Sunday 17 October

Cost: $35

Image by Dominika Zielinska from a set of live rehearsal shots.

Have You Seen This Spam?

Following on from a tidbit in Mike’s last post, here’s some Thursday night hobo country garage entertainment for you!


Delaney Davidson plays at the Mighty Mighty tonight to release his album ‘Rough Diamond’ (out on local label Stink Magnetic), and unveils his Ghost Orchestra for the very first time … featuring a real live voodoo rhythm section as well as banjo, brass, violin, lap steel and accordian. The band played and talked on National Radio last Saturday, and are doing a small number of shows before Delaney heads off overseas again in April. The Wrongdoings play support, before they (we?) lose bass player Justin to the big wide world, also in April.

The gig kicks off at 8:30 but as a warm-up Issue #4 of local design magazine The National Grid will be launched in fine style by voodoo guru Dr Eric Vornoff and tractor afficionado Boss Christ, from 5:30. #4 and back issues are available at special prices, and there’s talk of a limbo contest that the Wellingtonista’s own Anna Dean has been banned from entering.

Mighty Mighty, Cuba St, 5:30/8:30 tonight
and the gig repeats with extra flair on Friday night too.

Mighty Mighty jobs for you bar tending types PLUS this weeks gigs

This via the Mighty Mighty Facebook group

Heya Kiddos!

Mighty Mighty is looking for part time glassies and bartenders, gotta cut the gravy. Contact us at or drop into the bar.

Also while I am at it 😀 Come pop in for some super times @ The Mighty 😀

A Word From El Capitain Richo and The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers!

They also give us the low down for the week ahead – read on …

All-star Ukulele Cabaret

Via my wonderful my connections (Sue!) this came to my notice: All-star Ukulele Cabaret


Tickets $22.50 plus service fees, available online from Ticketek.

Pulling together some of the capital city’s favourite musicians and commanding the four-string like you’ve never heard it, the Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra’s live show features comic banter, singalong favourites, stunning dress sense sparkling harmonies.

Having already jammed with the likes of Jordan Luck, Don McGlashan, Annie Crummer, Camp Mother and Shortland Street’s Dr Potts, you can expect plenty of surprise guests from across the pop spectrum, along with some classic uke gags and legendary licks in this cabaret spectacular.

Lordy Lordi

According to our spies, noises are emanating from the TSB Arena that indicate the presence of metal at varying degrees of heaviness. The autograph-hunters waiting outside confirm that this might indeed be a warm-up for this weekend’s rocktastic mayhem. Penniless bogans of Wellington! Get yourself to Queens Wharf for a free sampler of Rock2Wgtn and a chance to meet your (wizened) heroes!

Everything AND the Kitchen Sink

Some Wednesday night party good times for you all, in celebration of the new-ish Kitchen Sink event guide site…
Come early (doors are at 7:30pm) for goody bags and a seat!

Late-night shenanigans are back on the menu!

There was a while in 2005 when you knew that on Friday and Saturday nights you could go to Indigo, and they’d be open, and there’d be Nixx-Til-Sixx spinning everything from Bloc Party to Motley Crue and you could drink until 6am. And then that stopped and it sucked. Fast foward to now though, and in 2008, Indigo is now San Francisco Bathhouse, and Nixx-Til-Sixx has been replaced by the fabulous DJ Doofus, but the same thing is happening.

All night long, baby. Just like Lionel promised. 1 a.m til 6 a.m. All weekend. Every weekend. Cheap beverages. Rotating djs. Open when others bars close. Hosted by djdooofus and the nice staff at San Fran. It’s a celebration, bitches!

Welcome to your new favourite place to go when everything else has already shut. We’ll see you there.