The Pelorus Trust Fireshow kicks of at Petone Wharf at 7.30pm, Saturday July 1st.

I suggest locating yourself close to the western end of the Esplanade for the best view.

It is a great event to take children to, since it is so early, and all over and finished by 7.45pm.

Warming beverages recommended. In fact I can specifically recommend a thermos of mulled wine. Mmm, toasty.

A natural love

Dear fellow Wellingtonistas and the good people of Wellington in general, If the weather is as gorgeous tomorrow as it is today, you must do what I did at lunchtime today – get golden crisp fish’n chips from Thorndon Fish’n Chips (don’t let the name fool you, it’s next to A-Mart and across the road […]

Something 4 the weekend

If you’ve become all festivalled out recently, or, like this Wellingtonista seem to find the whole thing sliding by you without seeming to make any impact despite best intentions otherwise, then take heart: life does continue elsewhere. For example, this weekend, the suburban environmentalist can get their car’s emissions checked at: […] the Westpac Stadium […]

Wellington Airport highlights package

For those of you who haven’t experienced the ‘thrill’ of landing at or taking off from Wellington Airport when there’s a decent breeze blowing, the video below will give you an idea of what to expect. Which is terror. Warning, video has annoying, irrelevant bad electronica soundtrack – we advise speakers off for this one.

What is this Tunnel for?

Ben over at is intrigued by the above tunnel, located in the Ngaio gorge valley… It looks old, however there is a pipe in it that appears to be still connected. If there is a pipe in the tunnel, then it must have another end, rather than just a borough in the hill. So […]

F69 – photos galore

There’s some great snaps of the F69 scuttling over in The Sinking of the Wellington flickr photo pool, like this one from Pieter Pieterse. Thankfully this particular Wellingtonista lives just around the corner from the Bay, so didn’t have to brave the heavy traffic and sometimes incomprehensively inconsiderate parking of the many people who had […]

First Pohutukawa Flowers of 2005

As spotted on the 12th of November in the grounds of the St Hilda’s Anglican Church, on the corner of The Parade and Humber Streets in Island Bay. Any claims from anyone on an early flowering?

F69 sinking postponed all go!

It’s all on. The wind speeds given in the marine forecast are still vaguely border-line, but it’s nice and sunny, and the swell isn’t too big, so, why not? Indeed – too windy, so postponed until tomorrow: 3pm, Sunday 13th November. Check the official site for details.

F69 scheduled to go down this weekend

Yes indeed, unless the wind gets up too much, this Saturday (12 Nov) at 3pm, the ex-Frigate F69-Wellington is going to be scuttled off the south coast, between Island and Houghton Bays (just to the East of Tapu Teranga – the island of Island Bay). There’s probably going to be a heap of people going […]

Turn it down

Regular (dream) Wellingtonista tennis doubles partner Daniela Hantuchova demonstrates the correct attire for our weekly Sunday morning hit around. Picture courtsey of Vedia at Flickr. Hataitai Park, a brilliant sunny day, and the gentle thwack and thwock of tennis balls interspersed with the birdsong coming from the surrounding trees, provides the perfect soundtrack for the […]