Links for Tuesday, 06 September 2005

Tom at WellUrban has an excellent scheme for sprucing up the rather ugly concrete bases that support the various verandah columns down Cuba Street. Fleet FM – started (and increasingly popular) in Auckland, is a low-power FM station run by music enthusiasts that is now up and running in Wellington on 107.3Fm. Good music, recommended. […]

Keeping Your Digital Stuff Safe

If you’ve ever suffered the pain of losing photos or other valuable data from a crashed hard drive or lost cd, you’ll know how fragile digital memories can be. Many of us now own huge amounts of digital data but managing and securing these vast archives is a daunting task. The National Library is holding […]

Meridian Energy Wind Turbine Fun Run and Walk

As a lead up race to the World Mountain Running Trophy a race to the Brooklyn Wind Turbine will be held on Sunday 18 September. The race will commence from Anderson Park in the Botanical Gardens, with walkers setting off at 9am and runners at 10am. Heading up through Kelburn, Highbury onto the rollercoaster Karori […]

win by weeding

If you are a member of the Regional Council‘s Be the Difference program then you’ll be aware of their new promotion. If not, then of course you should join (hint: it’s free). Be the Difference are offering a prize draw of a garden makeover worth $3,000 for members who send them photos of the dodgy […]

Places we like to shop & watch outrageous music videos – The Guava Tree

This lunchtime I spent a pleasant 20 minutes or so in a new store called The Guava Tree. Not normally a place frequented by Wellingtonistas, but my interest was piqued by the vast plasma screen observable through the shop window playing what appeared to Bollywood movies. I’ve always wanted to see a Bollywood movie. They […]

Whale tail no fluke

Terrible headline pun lifted directly from the Hutt News, which this week reveals more about the man behind the fake whale tail that is currently flipping and flapping amonsts the waves in Wellington Harbour. Turns out Phillip Waddington, a noted local potrait artist, created the fake tail (made of bamboo, inner tubes and black PVC) […]

Watch Sputnik Run.

You may have seen this on TV1 news last night. Local woman stalks crocodile… When the large box arrived at the office for Bindi, we were intrigued… not least because she wasn’t in the office for a few days & we wondered if maybe we should open it & save it from perishing… on the […]

Geckos and skinks

The Wellingtonista has been going for a while now, yet there does not seem to be any mention of that unique Wellington institution, the Karori Wildlife Sanctuary, a large fenced-off and predator-free “island” in a valley beside Karori. We must apologise for this lapse. And make up for it by suggesting an outing this weekend. […]

Hello NZ Girls!

We heard you might be dropping by… and in your honour, we’d like to offer you the chance to WIN A DATE WITH ORLANDO BLOOM* Hope you find something of interest here, we’ll endeavour to target your particular demographic (reliably informed: female, 18-25 years) over the next say… until we get bored with it. In […]

Public Address | Club Politique | Burying One’s Feet

I’m sure Che Tibby won’t mind, but this is one of the finest love letters to Wellington I have ever read. Public Address | Club Politique – Burying One’s Feet