Meat on Tory

We Wellingtonists are all vegan of course… bacon is a vegetable, right? But calling all carnivores! – there’s a new place in Tory street you’ll probably want to check out… STUFF : FOOD & WINE – STORY : Meat on Tory

Links for Wednesday, 25 May 2005

Ecoqueer waxes lyrical about Maui – One Man Against the Gods, which is being performed at the St James Theatre until early June. The Supreme Court may be getting shifted to the Thorndon Tavern. Question is, will the judges demand that the bar remain behind? Karaoke Poetry at Bats. Better (much better, we’ve been told), […]

Your own personal shopper

I don’t want you to think that it’s the Wellingtonist policy to be lazy & recycle another contributor’s photo… that’s just me… But did you know that Kirkcaldies on Lambton Quay offers a free personal shopping service? We’re considering taking the concept to the next level: The Wellingtonist Complimentary & Complementary Personal Consumer Service. Your […]

Let me count the ways…

Here at Wellingtonist towers, we’re always thinking of new ways to let people know just how cool this town is. And we know we have lots of readers out there who like to do the same. So here’s our suggestion: people of a mind to participate can post to their website an article talking about […]

Links for Monday, 23 May 2005

Kakariki has a good time at the Green Room 004: Hope CD release party. Some media attention for Whispering Inferno will hopefully have a couple of local real estate agents and developers shaking in their boots. Conversations overheard on the Cable Car. Examples of the sort of stimulating chat you’re likely to overhear on Wellington’s […]

Left or right

Nothing more than a Wellington observation really but have you noticed how all the “good” shops are on the left-hand side of the road. “Good” being determined by those that have buckets of money to spend on the flashest shop fronts – nothing to do with the quality of service or products. And of course […]

Places We Like to Eat At – Dojo

According to their website, Dojo is Japanese for “Place of the Way”. If memory serves, a dojo is also Modesty Blaise’s weapon of choice – kind of like two door handles joined together, which can be applied with force to pressure points on your opponent’s body to inflict all kinds of harm & incapacitations. And […]

“The best Elvis-fighting-a-mummy-movie I have ever seen”

So said (words to that effect) Simon Morris on his National Radio movie programme about Bubba Ho-Tep. I haven’t seen it yet, but I’ve read & heard quite a bit about it since its release in 2002. And now it’s coming soon, to the Paramount & Lighthouse Theatres. I’ve suggested to my wife on several […]

The death of the British Weather Symbol

The BBC has, of this week, started using the Weatherscape XT graphics package created by Wellington-based MetService (the only commercially run state weather forecasting service in the world, wouldn’t you know?). You’ll see the new graphics if you tune into the hourly weather updates on BBC international. They’ll look familiar to New Zealand viewers who […]

Places we like to eat at – Arashi Kushiyaki Bar

You know what’s great? Food on sticks. It’s a simple concept, but a goodie. If Wellingtonist was in Auckland, we’d happily spend all our time (well, not ALL, but a great deal) at Tanuki’s Cave, and it’s not just because of our love for huge badger testicles. However, as you may know, we don’t live […]