Flash Harry and OdESSA

As we’ve mentioned elsewhere, Flash Harry is without a doubt among our absolute all-time favourite Wellington acts. He’s only done a handful of shows in Wellington, let’s see… Cuba St Carnival last year – great fun!, a show at the Massey Bar – somewhat drunken on our part, and at the tsunami appeal gig at […]

Kaikohe Demolition

A reminder that the Film Archive‘s Media Theatre has a couple more screeings of the excellent Kaikohe Demolition documentary later this week, on Saturday 14 May at 6pm and 7:30pm. …[A] documentary by intrepid New Zealand filmmaker Florian Habicht captures the gracefulness and poetry of demolition derbies. Ah, yes: there is a harsh, strangely lyrical […]

a Beehive of Wellingtonista

Knowing full well how hard it is to maintain even a couple of blogs, we couldn’t help but reach out, and pull a few of the finer Wellington bloggers into the digital quagmire with us. So a welcome to those responsible for Hubris, SunnyO, MiramarMike, The Backyard, and Half-Pie. The obvious question arises. What is […]


As spotted in Island Bay. Yet another fantastic example of the real estate industry taking liberties with the actual meaning of words. What’s really good, though, is the ‘VIEWING BY APPOINTMENT’ bit on the Professionals’ sign. You can tell the person writing it has started off with nice big bold spacing, but then realised too […]

Dear Stagecoach

Today (20th April), at about 5:50pm, I wanted to catch my usual bus, the #4 Happy Valley, from Willis St, opposite the Metro New World. I spotted it pulling away just as I arrived at the stop, so, thinking to myself that I would probably be able to catch up with it at one of […]

V8 Supercars: submissions close today

Well, we’d have to say we’re probably veering on the ‘no’ side of the fence with regards to the V8 Supercar race being held in Wellington, for the purely selfish reason that it’d make getting into the Central Public Library on the weekend in question an absolute nightmare (oh, and the rates hike, and the […]

Still going…

Just a quick update as to where things are at. First of all, thanks to everyone who’s come forward to offer advice and assistance. It’s been great, cheers. I’m still working at getting this template working over on my WordPress build of the site (who’d have thought 3 column template layouts would be so hard […]


As our small group of regulars will probably have realised, we’re currently on holiday. Natalie is in Austin living the high life at the SXSW Festival, and I’m a bit busy with other stuff, so will let this lie until I can get back into gear, and give it the amount of time it deserves […]

The Oxford Union Debate on Nuclear Weapons

If you’re still looking for things to do after being harangued by street performing Estonians later this evening, then head along to the Film Archive on Taranaki Street, where they’re screening the famous 1985 Oxford Union Debate on Nuclear Weapons, in which our PM, David Lange debated and defeated the then American Moral Majority leader, […]

Avangard at the Railway Station

Just because the Fringe Festival is over (and congrats to all the winners at the Fringe Awards), doesn’t mean you can’t still see some avant garde performance art on the streets. Oh no. We’ve already missed a couple of performances by Avangard – the pro-glam art band from Estonia – but I fully intend to […]