that thing called weather

by Sue Tyler June 21, 2013

Wellington is having a bit of weather at the moment, sure we get weather 24/7 but this weather, it’s Spectacular Southerly Weather! I’m not sure what would justify all caps weather but here’s a little trip around the south coast to show you how things roll into Wellington when we have Weather if you are […]

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Snow in Cuba

by Joanna August 15, 2011

You might not have noticed, but it’s pretty cold in Wellington right now. In fact, let us be the very first people to tell you: it’s snowing in some parts. Woah! Now we have dispensed with the usual sarcasm, please enjoy this beautiful video by Ro Tierney of the snow in Cuba Mall. Snow on […]

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by Che Tibby November 27, 2007

So, anyone else not trusting this weather?

This Wellington, she is a fickle mistress.

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So that’s what they mean by ‘isolated showers’

by Tom August 31, 2007

Looking south from Waitangi Park as yesterday evening’s southerly change was coming in.
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Any poor sod who was stuck under this could feel justified in feeling picked on by the elements, but most of the Wellingtonista Great Blend team was already safely ensconced in Port Café scoffing fish ‘n’ chips with BYO wine. A Great Blend round-up will no doubt follow from one of my diligent colleagues.

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The Cook Strait Rollercoaster Ride

by noizyboy January 16, 2007

Shot by an ex-workmate of Wellingtonistas Tom and Noizy, presumably spread by the magic of email, and now shared to the world thanks to someone in the UK, here’s some footage to rival that of our previous YouTube hit ‘Classic Landings at Wellington Airport‘.

This time it’s some serious weather doing its thing in Cook Strait, with the captain of the ferry Suilven deciding no gigantic swells were going to stop him from getting his freight and passengers to the South Island. Much, one thinks, to the horror of his passengers, who probably spent most of the trip in white-knuckled terror as the ship pitched and yawed its way across this particularly hostile stretch of ocean water.

Details on just how horrific the weather conditions (and a few stills of the Suilven making its way over some mountainous waves) can be found at the MetService site.

[hat-tip: spare room]

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What’s on in wonderful (wet*) Wellington this weeekend

by Mike Riversdale January 12, 2007

If they** are correct then it’s gonna be a weekend of indoor activities this weekend and here at Wellingtonista Towers we are great advocates of NOT sitting around and merely watching the goggle-box.

And so, how could you entertain yourselves, little people under your command and those out-of-town visitors you’ve been supplied with? How about these to get the creative juices flowing:

And if none of these grab you by the fancy parts then check out the following excellent “what’s on” sites

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Wellington sunniest main centre in September

by llew October 12, 2005

“September was drier and sunnier than normal in many regions especially during the first two weeks of the month, the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (Niwa) said yesterday. Of the four main centres, Wellington, which was warmer and drier than average, was the sunniest with 185 hours, Christchurch was cloudier and drier than […]

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Links for Monday, 30 May 2005

by noizyboy May 30, 2005

A couple more additions to the ‘Let me count the ways…‘ Wellingtonist meme, from Sibylle at heimatseeker and Mr Reasonable at Whispering Inferno The Wellington City Council in-fighting reaches new lows Tornado action in Paraparaumu, resulting in this from MetService… Severe-weather forecaster Paul Mallinson said he had “almost mentioned weak tornadoes” in predictions for the […]

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