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Review: All our sons

by librarykris November 13, 2015

World War I needs more men to fight and Maori from Mataira Mountain are being asked to go. Grandma Mataira is vehemently against their going. Her son Waru believes fighting alongside Pakeha will bring Maori equal rights in New Zealand. With his son Tai and Tai’s best Pakeha friend Alec Campbell, he volunteers. Their experience […]

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Preview: The Show Some Love Show

by librarykris October 30, 2015

The Show Some Love Show is a variety fundraiser to raise money for Wellington Women’s Refuge and Te Whare Rokiroki Maori Women’s Refuge. It will feature some of NZ’s best musicians, comedians, dancers, and poets; including The Eastern, Alice Brine, James Nokise and Fanciforia Foxglove. Domestic and intimate partner violence is one of NZ’s biggest […]

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Review: Ache

by librarykris October 30, 2015

A Man and a Woman meet. There’s definitely something between them that both would like to explore further… but his girlfriend shows up. They run into each other again. But she’s trying to make it work with someone and he’s got a different girlfriend. Through comedy and tragedy they keep meeting each other. Will they […]

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Review: Dead Men’s Wars

by librarykris October 28, 2015

Three high school students from Australia and New Zealand have won a competition to visit Gallipoli for the ANZAC day commemorations. They are escorted over by two company representatives. Everything is going according to the schedule when one of the students goes off script. The fallout affects them all. This is the 2015 STAB production […]

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Reviews of The Angry Brigade and Gifted

by librarykris October 21, 2015

Two wordy plays are currently showing in Wellington. Both are very good. The Angry Brigade by James Graham, directed by Samuel Phillips Four police officers are in a basement office in London trying to track down some terrorists. Threats have been made. Bombs have gone off. It’s not the IRA. In fact, they’re not like […]

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Review: Bubblelands by Renee Liang

by librarykris October 15, 2015

The clinking of cutlery and mumbled conversation greet us as we walk into the theatre. Blue glowing lines show the edges of the fishtank. It’s a sparse place but I guess the fish aren’t there to live. Blue Cod (Hweiling Ow) is preparing to be chosen. She is joined unexpectedly by Crayfish (Bemjamin Teh) who […]

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Preview: Bubblelands by Renee Liang

by librarykris October 12, 2015

A Bluecod has been in the tank of a Chinese restaurant for an indeterminate amount of time. She’s not sure how she got there or what life was like before the tank. Then a Crayfish arrives. He’s energetic and she starts to think about life again. Meanwhile there’s always the possibility that one of them […]

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New Zealand Improv Festival 6-10 October 2015

by librarykris September 29, 2015

Improv shows are always different depending on the energy of the performers, the prompts they are given, and the energy of the audience. Most of the ones I’ve seen in Wellington have been entertaining. Some are sublime and contain moments of pure theatrical genius. The kind where the whole audience holds its breathe then exhales […]

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Review: The travelling squirrel by Robert Lord

by librarykris September 16, 2015

Bart (Paul Waggot) is a writer who is married to Jane, (Acushla-Tara Sutton). Jane is an actress who is nervous about her job security and therefore is keen to cultivate a working relationship with Wallace (Gavin Rutherford) a gossip columnist. Wallace throws a party where Jane and Bart meet Terry (Andrew Paterson) who can help […]

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Black Dog Relief – A Cabaret for Robbie Tripe

by librarykris September 4, 2015

On Sunday 6th September at San Fran, in a one night only performance to raise money and awareness for the Mental Health Foundation, Wellington’s performing arts fraternity band together to honour a beloved friend and colleague. This tribute is their way of honouring a talented member of the performing community, who left us after losing his battle with the Black Dog. Actor Robbie Tripe, […]

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