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Mushroom, mushroom

by Tom June 7, 2016

Last week Zealandia published a glorious little photo-essay An Enchantment of Fungi, alerting us to the fact that after a long dry summer, the recent rains have brought forth a rich crop of fungal fruiting bodies. I went for a walk there last Friday and found plenty of variety amid the damp forest, especially on the Valley View and […]

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Park(ing) Day 2015

by Greg Bodnar March 13, 2015

The attitude around Park(ing) Day has changed dramatically since I first got involved a few years ago. Where I was struggling with by-laws to work around not getting permission to set up my space, WCC has now brought it into Parks Week and the Wellington Sculpture Trust does the logistical management. On March 11, a total […]

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World Press Photo Exhibition

by Herbertimo September 6, 2014

A picture not only speaks a thousand words but has the ability to leave you speechless. Currently at the NZ Portrait Gallery in Shed 11 on the waterfront you can see a collection of photos that do exactly that. The photos that make up the World Press Photo Exhibition are selected from over 10,000 images […]

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Gabrielle McKone at Photospace

by Tom Ackroyd November 13, 2012

And in more photography news, anyone who’s a fan of Wellington photographer Gabrielle McKone’s daily photoblog can see 850 of them, on the wall in an exhibition at Photospace, 37 Courtenay Place. Over the last five years Gabrielle has posted 1900 images, one a day, mostly out and about in Wellington. The exhibition opened last Friday […]

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A benefit auction for Phil Jacobs

by Tom Ackroyd November 13, 2012

A few years ago my son’s point-&-shoot needed a simple repair. I realised I had no idea where to go to get cameras fixed. Were there even camera-repairers any more? When they break, don’t you just buy another camera? A friend said “Oh, there’s that guy on Jackson Street – he fixes everything”. “That guy” […]

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Wellington Night Markets

by Greg Bodnar October 17, 2012

Before heading out on vacation, I started planning for a nice photo-post of the Wellington Night Markets. I was dead keen to get it photographed and written before heading home, but in my desperation, I failed to string words together. So, this time I’m skipping the words and getting on with it. Better late than […]

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Exquisite Corpse

by Greg Bodnar September 1, 2011

Perched upon the top of Cuba St, Thistle Hall is known for providing Wellingtonians with short bursts of visual arts. Exhibits pack in and out again at a frenetic pace, and if planning and serendipity conspire, treasures can be easily missed. Take some time this week and get up to the current exhibit. Exquisite Corpse draws its name from […]

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TAWA5 Best Contribution to the Internet from Wellington

by Joanna November 20, 2010

Given that Wellington is the web capital of New Zealand, it makes sense that it’s full of people doing awesome things with and for the web.

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Flickr: Wellington is more than just a Group

by Mike Riversdale January 31, 2008

Huh? “Flickr … Group” … what are you blithering about man!?!? It’s okay, you’re not alone as I had to have the whipper-snappers sit me down in my bath-chair and explain what the jolly Moses they were talking about. It seems that using this newly fandangled Internet we don’t have to store all our photos in a cardboard box under the spare bed any more. No, we can “post” them up to the Web and let the world* see our holiday snaps.

Flickr is one such place that lets you post your photos.

And, you can tell the world where the pictures came from by either popping them onto a map or adding the place name as a tag/label.

You can even join up with like minded folks and share your photos in “community photo albums” (groups) on any subject you care to dream up.

Aha, you probably saw where this was going a lot quicker than I did when the young uns were explaining it to me with the use of short words, diagrams and plenty of naps in the sun to recover.

read on after the break …

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Jo Russ’ photo diary

by stephen clover June 8, 2007

On a recent visit ex-Wellingtonian photographer Jo Russ used her artist’s eye to snap a set of images which share a certain group characteristic; I’m not sure exactly what it is, but I feel like I’m looking at the mundane and the familiar from an outsider’s fresh perspective.

More after the jump.

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