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Craig Terris – The Hills of Song

by noizyboy November 4, 2013

Craig Terris‘s new music video (directed by Sean Dekkers) for the second single off his Bleat your Heart Out album is a wee gem. Enjoy…

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Moonrise over Mt Vic

by noizyboy January 29, 2013

Presented without much in the way of comment, because it’s just frikkin’ awesome… Full Moon Silhouettes from Mark Gee on Vimeo.

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by noizyboy January 15, 2013

Not sure if the Ohiro Road bus-stop bookcase and sofas have survived the weather and/or vandals (reports, anyone?), but, either way, here’s a lovely video by Dan Adams¬†documenting this¬†fantastic urban enhancement… Waiting from Dan Adams on Vimeo. via Eye of the Fish

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the Friendly Cyclist

by Alan August 8, 2012

Sometimes you see them: dignified, terribly cool, impeccably dressed, and upright, making their way through the rush hour traffic on their old-fashioned bikes in a manner poles opposite to the more common fluoro speedsters. A beacon of bicycling style, and also: fairly damned hot. Yes, you think, now that’s certainly one mode of commuter cycling […]

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A farewell

by Robyn April 19, 2012

So, OMG, this is my final post for the Wellingtonista. I’m leaving this town for a more northerly location. I’m sad to leave Wellington and the W’ista, but it’s been a fun four years. I’ve met lots of cool people, had lots of amazing experiences and shared them with y’all. As my farewell, I present […]

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International hipster attraction

by Robyn February 15, 2012

Air New Zealand have recently launched a campaign to persuade reluctant Australians to choose New Zealand as a holiday destination. It turns out there are actually some people who aren’t aroused by the thought of scenery, sheep and extreme sports. As part of this campaign, there’s a Rhys Darby-narrated series of videos, each smashing a […]

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Incoming: Badd Energy

by stephen clover February 7, 2012

Sike-electro weirdos and recent¬†“that’s interesting” Flying Nun Mark II signees Badd Energy are back with a new single/video and tour.

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The other important vote

by Robyn November 9, 2011

The general election is only a few weeks away, but right now there’s another important vote happening. Yes, the vote on what sign will sit atop the Miramar Cutting. There are three options: The controversial and largely disliked “Wellywood” sign “Wellington” written in a similar Hollywood sign style, but with the final letters being blow […]

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Our Hearts Will Go On

by Robyn September 10, 2011

I was alerted to a music video of a long-haired fellow performing an emotional rendition of “Titanic” theme song “My Heart Will Go On”. I started watching it, and it was all going well when suddenly at the 19-second mark I realised something very important: the video was filmed in Wellington. This makes it even […]

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A Travelogue

by Robyn August 24, 2011

Mark Shea is an Australian filmmaker and traveler who combines his two loves to create short travelogues of the places he visits. Earlier this year he was in Wellington, and was inspired to get a little more in depth than his usual style, taking to the streets to ask the locals what it is they […]

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