The other important vote

The general election is only a few weeks away, but right now there’s another important vote happening. Yes, the vote on what sign will sit atop the Miramar Cutting. There are three options: The controversial and largely disliked “Wellywood” sign “Wellington” written in a similar Hollywood sign style, but with the final letters being blow […]

Our Hearts Will Go On

I was alerted to a music video of a long-haired fellow performing an emotional rendition of “Titanic” theme song “My Heart Will Go On”. I started watching it, and it was all going well when suddenly at the 19-second mark I realised something very important: the video was filmed in Wellington. This makes it even […]

A Travelogue

Mark Shea is an Australian filmmaker and traveler who combines his two loves to create short travelogues of the places he visits. Earlier this year he was in Wellington, and was inspired to get a little more in depth than his usual style, taking to the streets to ask the locals what it is they […]

Snow in Cuba

You might not have noticed, but it’s pretty cold in Wellington right now. In fact, let us be the very first people to tell you: it’s snowing in some parts. Woah! Now we have dispensed with the usual sarcasm, please enjoy this beautiful video by Ro Tierney of the snow in Cuba Mall. Snow on […]

Erm, an antidote to Wellywood?

At the 48 Hour Film Fest this week the pines up on Mt Vic got a certain amount of screen time in one video in particular – the winner of the Best Worst category. Here the pines star again, this time as a Magical Forest in the latest creation from the nut bars behind I […]

Wellington Love Letter

Take a life long prankster, mix in some free time, 3 guys who work in film, some mild homo eroticism, and just the right amount of sexiness, and what you get is the Wellington Love Letter.

Smell the ‘glove

It may not be what we were expecting from a "West Hollywood lounge experience", but all that money certainly has ensured that Foxglove is a vastly more impressive visual experience than the ol’ Loaded Hog. But a bar is not just about the pretty, so how does it stack up? See what the ‘fly thinks after the jump.

Estadio at the Temperance — viva o futebol!

We at Wellingtonista Towers are pleased to see something happening at the old Temperance premises on Blair St. (Previously on the Wellingtonista). Some enterprising local Latin Americans are setting up "Estadio" in time for the World Cup. They promise "great Latino breakfasts" from 6 am. Football and beer — it’s what’s for breakfast. We await your reports.


Word on the street is that this is the start of a longer-term plan to transform the Temperance into a permanent Latin-themed bar. 


Click "read more" for the details:

Your Apartment or mine?

There are always new apartment buildings springing up, but this Apartment is very different. It’s very definitely not a studio shoebox, with vast open-plan living space and a high-raftered ceiling, and despite having a bedroom, bathrooms, dining room and balcony, it is in fact better than a home: it’s a bar.

Many years ago there was an Apartment Bar under the Hannahs Factory in Leeds St, but The Apartment is an apparently unrelated place that has just opened in Allen St. The varying spaces promise to allow for different moods, from louche lounging to formalish dining to standing and shouting. The proximity to Courtenay Place threatens all but the last mode of drinking, but given a highly creditable Martini and some tasty snacks (chilly chilli roast almonds plus cheddar & caraway bread), this barfly thinks it could be just the place to set up home.

Review: Lagerfield

 Last year, for the second time in a row, Team Wellingtonista won the Webstock Pub Quiz (we intend to win it this year too, by the way). Our prize was a $300 tab for Lagerfield at 21 Blair Street. Having been there late at night when it was full of munters, I was not overwhelmed with enthusiasm, but as it turns out, it was a lovely experience. 

On a horribly rainy night, perching at a high banquette table under a heater was a good place to be, especially as the lovely staff told us to let them know if it got too hot. The circular booths that were a key feature of The Last Supper Club may be gone, but the wavey ceiling remains to make the space more interesting, with dark wood adding to the warmth. It’s a shame that there were TVs on, featuring polo, and the music was from the ’80s, but not unbearably so, especially after a little wine.

We started on a bottle of Akarua Rose ($40), and an OldRoaring Meg Pinot Noir ($55), we happily discovered an St. Hallet’s Gamekeeper’s Shiraz which at $35 was one of the cheapest on the list, but was fully flavoured and yum, and so we got through quite a few bottles after that. It made for very happy mouthfuls when paired with the blue cheese and crispy proscuitto entree ($12). Fries and gravy weren’t amazing, but the Drinkers’ Platter of dumplings, prawns, spring rolls, samosas, bread and four dips at $15 was exceptional value. The cheese gratin was a solid hotpot in which to dip crusty bread, and I’m told that the chicken liver parfait was very tasty too.