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Review: Olive Copperbottom

by librarykris May 12, 2017

Penny Ashton presents a new musical inspired by the writings of Charles Dickens as part of Comedy Festival 2017. Olive, a beautiful virtuous orphan, teaches the younger orphans at Mrs Sourtart’s squalid orphanage in exchange for a place to live. Her suitor, Edward Goodsort, was reclaimed from the same establishment by his moneyed family and now lives […]

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by Sue Tyler May 4, 2007

The comedy Festival hits town on Sunday
Yes just as we get those first blasts of winter and that lack of sun depression hits, people visit town with one purpose and one purpose alone: to make you Laugh.

The mighty Paramount Theater kicks off the Wellington Comedy Festival on Tuesday 8 May with the opening night extravaganza – First Laughs

If you can’t make a decision on who to see my pick is Late Laughs at the San Francisco Bathhouse every Friday and Saturday night. Nothing beats a mix of comics cutting loose late at night, alcohol and their competitive instincts kick to make for for a rather excellent evening.

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