Wellington Film festival – We Recommend…

God! Where to start? We’re about a third way through the programme & EVERYTHING so far looks like a must see. Kudos to Mr Gosden & his team this year. Disclaimer: Our opinions are not infallible, we saw a promisingly enthralling documentary a few years ago called Hybrid… and it was literally watching corn grow… […]

Wellington from space

Can just about make out the Wellingtonist Towers… Google Maps

A preview of coming attractions…. soon!

That’s a clever quote from Hitchcock’s Rear Window… But that’s irrelevant right now… Coming soon (only just scored the brochure, so bear with us)… I’ll give you my legendary (unaffiliated with any sponsors – so far…) Film Festival rundown. What’s hot, what’s good (they’re all good), what’s heart-warming, what’s art-house, what’s sleaze, what’s art-house sleaze, […]

Rose Pruning Day – Botanic Gardens, June 12

Budding rose enthusiasts might want to mark June 12 in their diaries. It is Rose Pruning Day at the Botanic Gardens. Internationally acclaimed (probably) rose experts will be on hand giving public demonstrations, advice, and answering all your thorny questions… If your passion is for Modern Bush & Climbers, you are invited to assemble at […]

Wellington Film Society screenings for June

What with Queen’s Birthday and all, it’s a light, but good month for Film Society screenings. First up is the 1998 German movie 23, a film by young German director Hans-Christian Schmid is based on the true story of Karl Koch, a young computer hacker who stumbles across a hidden world of intrigue, deception and […]

Meat on Tory

We Wellingtonists are all vegan of course… bacon is a vegetable, right? But calling all carnivores! – there’s a new place in Tory street you’ll probably want to check out… STUFF : FOOD & WINE – STORY : Meat on Tory

Your own personal shopper

I don’t want you to think that it’s the Wellingtonist policy to be lazy & recycle another contributor’s photo… that’s just me… But did you know that Kirkcaldies on Lambton Quay offers a free personal shopping service? We’re considering taking the concept to the next level: The Wellingtonist Complimentary & Complementary Personal Consumer Service. Your […]

Places We Like to Eat At – Dojo

According to their website, Dojo is Japanese for “Place of the Way”. If memory serves, a dojo is also Modesty Blaise’s weapon of choice – kind of like two door handles joined together, which can be applied with force to pressure points on your opponent’s body to inflict all kinds of harm & incapacitations. And […]

“The best Elvis-fighting-a-mummy-movie I have ever seen”

So said (words to that effect) Simon Morris on his National Radio movie programme about Bubba Ho-Tep. I haven’t seen it yet, but I’ve read & heard quite a bit about it since its release in 2002. And now it’s coming soon, to the Paramount & Lighthouse Theatres. I’ve suggested to my wife on several […]

Psst… wanna be a movie star?

48 Hours – Officially NZ’s largest film competition. Hundreds of teams of film-makers kick off tonight all around the country & finish on Sunday night. Damian Christie suggests “if you’re approached by a bedraggled film crew (the chances are high, there’s a couple of hundred teams around the country), be nice to them, do what […]