Wellington sunniest main centre in September

“September was drier and sunnier than normal in many regions especially during the first two weeks of the month, the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (Niwa) said yesterday. Of the four main centres, Wellington, which was warmer and drier than average, was the sunniest with 185 hours, Christchurch was cloudier and drier than […]

Bot Gardens this weekend – Trees, Tulips and er… a fairy.

The best of the region’s tree climbers head for the skies at the Botanic Garden on Saturday 24 September. The annual New Zealand Arboricultural Association Regional Tree Climbing Competition – a chance for competitors to show off their skill, strength and agility – is on between 9.00am and 4.00pm in 30 metre-high trees around the […]

Don’t Vote! Governments Always Win!

No… just kidding. It is your duty to vote this Saturday! Get out & do it early, then enjoy the day, and the theatre offered as the results come in. And by all means read & take to heart this advice from Damian Christie at Public Address, on how to score on election day.

Meet the Candidates!

There’s nothing more traditional to an election campaign than assembling in a local community hall to listen to, and maybe heckle the latest crop of wannabees. And check out who the hell lives in your neighbourhood & who they look (and sound) like they might vote for. At least one Wellingtonista will be at St […]

Wellington Film Society for September

September was supposed to be the second and concluding month of the Wellington Film Society season of French films that “got away”. But two of the scheduled films did just that and we have had to find replacements. FORGET ME has been replaced by another French film from the same source, NIGHT SHIFT, but for […]

Survival Guide

Courtesy of the Downtown Community Ministry, here’s a guide to surviving Wellington on a low income. Hat tip to T at Procrastinatehere.blogspot.com Survival Guide to Wellington

Meridian Energy Wind Turbine Fun Run and Walk

As a lead up race to the World Mountain Running Trophy a race to the Brooklyn Wind Turbine will be held on Sunday 18 September. The race will commence from Anderson Park in the Botanical Gardens, with walkers setting off at 9am and runners at 10am. Heading up through Kelburn, Highbury onto the rollercoaster Karori […]

Places we like to shop & watch outrageous music videos – The Guava Tree

This lunchtime I spent a pleasant 20 minutes or so in a new store called The Guava Tree. Not normally a place frequented by Wellingtonistas, but my interest was piqued by the vast plasma screen observable through the shop window playing what appeared to Bollywood movies. I’ve always wanted to see a Bollywood movie. They […]

Watch Sputnik Run.

You may have seen this on TV1 news last night. Local woman stalks crocodile… When the large box arrived at the office for Bindi, we were intrigued… not least because she wasn’t in the office for a few days & we wondered if maybe we should open it & save it from perishing… on the […]

Hello NZ Girls!

We heard you might be dropping by… and in your honour, we’d like to offer you the chance to WIN A DATE WITH ORLANDO BLOOM* Hope you find something of interest here, we’ll endeavour to target your particular demographic (reliably informed: female, 18-25 years) over the next say… until we get bored with it. In […]