For those of you interested in neither the Sevens, nor local music… How about this? An opportunity to see the Touring Treaty exhibition TREATY 2 U, the Treaty of Waitangi touring exhibition which is travelling around New Zealand over the next few months will be in the Wellington region over Waitangi weekend. It will be […]

The Chinese New Year is coming soon

January 28 until February 11. And listen up folks, it’s the Year of the Dog! What we’re particularly looking forward to is the Asian Market (11am-3pm) at the Events Centre on the waterfront on Festival Day (Feb 11). The food! The crowds! But mostly the food. Festival day will also sport a parade from Courtenay […]

Midweek Fantasy Costume Night! Slick Music! Half Price Entry! $5 Drinks!

I’m sorry, no picture, this is a family site. So I’m striding purposefully along Lambton Quay, minding my own business, head down… Suddenly I am forced to pause for a moment by the unexpected obstruction of what can best be described as somewhat generous cleavage. I look up into the eyes of an absurdly young […]

The Dockside Christmas Menu

This particular Wellingtonista was lucky enough to be invited to an associate’s Christmas lunch at the Dockside. It’d been a while since we’d been there, and last time it was a wintry evening & we huddled somewhere upstairs. Yesterday however, was as tropical as it comes & we were delighted to discover that our table […]

Final Wellington Film Society Update for the Year

Thanks to David Lindsay, WFS President, for sending these notices throughout the year. Poster Sale How many times, when you have been to the Wellington Film Festival, have you wished you could have one of the posters that were on display in the foyers – even some of those that were mounted on card. Well […]

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Of Importance to the Paramount?

I just wanted to mangle that last title sorry. but if Playstation 3 comes with a free popcorn maker, I’ll wager that it’s all over…. …The cinema industry has been whinging at the downturn in cinema ticket sales for the last few years, and the advent of High Definition TV & DVD isn’t going to […]

The Coastal Highway and Transmission Gully

The Wellingtonistas received this email yesterday & given the importance of safe & efficent transport routes in & out of the region, we think it’s a good idea to pass it on to our readers to consider, and even make a submission if you so desire. The Coastal Highway and Transmission Gully Dear Wellingtonistas The […]

Wellington Film Society for November

Welcome to our final month of the 2005 season. The whole month (if we can include Monday 31 October)features the work of German film producer Artur Brauner. Arguably the most influential film producer of post-war Germany, he was also driven to produce films about victims of the National Socialist regime (when the Nazis invaded Lódz, […]

The New Zealand Film Archive

This lunchtime, I popped downstairs & around the corner from the Wellingtonista Towers, to the NZ Film Archive & spent a fascinating wee while browsing their catalogue of VCRs & DVDs. I tried picking the brain of the technician on duty in the Media Library, but he was just relieving & had sketchy information at […]