Star Boating Club “Row-A-Thon”

ERG!!Here’s a bit of fun to be had – the Star Boating Club (that’s that cool place by the lagoon that you’ve probably attended more than a few weddings at, or other occasions & got yourself completely trashed & may or may not have ended up in the water in your dinner suit or ball gown…) in conjunction with Wellington Girls College, Queen Margaret’s College and Wellington College, is holding a 20 hour Row-A-Thon to raise funds for the current season of races, regattas & camps.

It takes place at the Reading Complex Foyer (Courtney Place) between 4pm Friday December 8, and Noon Saturday December 9.

And what is a Row-A-Thon when it’s at home? Well… they’re putting 3 ERG machines (that’s shorthand for Rowing Machine apparently – I’m not sure if it is acronymous, or if it represents the noise the average person makes while being subjected to operating it), one will be operated continuously for 20 hours by the boys’ teams, another by the girls, and the third dear reader, is for you to have a go at.

The rowers have been diligently scouring their neighbourhoods, families, and families’ business colleagues getting sponsorship, and on the day, those not ERGing will be shaking tins & persuading punters to part with a little Xmas dosh. All for a good cause – those ERGs & the boats don’t grow on trees you know.

So head on down for a look – 91FM & the Black Thunders will be down there at 4pm Friday dispensing cheer & freestuff – or if you happen to be passing, please do donate a little spare for, as I may have mentioned, a very good cause.

And of course, you have the opportunity to try an ERG for yourself. It has to be good for you right?, and there is almost no chance you’ll end up in the lagoon. Bonus.

Tiptoe Through the Tulips

Tulip SundayWell… around them anyway, if you don’t want the gardeners getting medieval on you…

Spring Festival, Sept 23 to Oct 8.

Botanic Gardens & Otari Wilton’s Bush

The Botanic Garden and Otari Wilton’s Bush will host two weeks of family orientated events.

Activities include:

  • glow worm tours
  • live music
  • petting zoos
  • plant sales

Brochures outlining the events will be available from both gardens and all Feeling Great stands from 1 September. PDF files here:

Spring Festival Brochure
Stamp Your Name on the Stump
Spring Festival Photo Contest

Now you see it….

Now you see it!Remember a few months back that the city council was worried that someone might steal the 2.5 tonne Henry Moore statue that sits at the edge of the Botanic Gardens near Salamanca Road?

Now you don’t!I mean, since they planted the idea the Wellingtonista crew did band together & steal it for our foyer one night. But in the morning we regretted it & snuck it back before anyone noticed.

Anyway, I’m not sure what is happening here… either the council has decided to disguise the statue from prospective thieves…. Or it represents a new work of art in itself. Perhaps by Christo?

OfficeMax Office Products Expo

The amazing electric stapler!Somehow this appeals to me. Maybe it’s a recollection of the Dilbert cartoon where you are exhorted to improve your life with stolen office stationary.

Maybe it’s because I once took out the power in a whole building in the CBD when a colleague’s electric stapler shorted on my documents.

Who knows…? But the call of the Office Products Expo is like a siren singing to me.

I am so there already.

Actually, now I think about it, it is the free stuff. I for one will be sporting a sizeable backpack, we haven’t bought any office products for the Wellingtonista Towers in the last 3 years…


For the third year running in Wellington, Officemax hosts the office products expo of the year! Come on down to the Michael Fowler Centre and take a look at new releases in office products, furniture, technology, hygiene products and consumables.

Talk to the experts, catch the demonstrations and try products for yourself. There are fantastic free samples to collect and great prizes to be won.

WHERE: Renouf Foyer, Michael Fowler Centre,
WHEN: Wednesday 12 July
TIME: 10am – 3pm

The Bacon Sarnie Experience

A good name for a band don’t you think? Right then, back to my lifelong obsession, the hunt for the Great Bacon Sarnie. I missed the food show. And I’m not scared of being cuddly. So I invite all our readers to tell us where the Best Bacon Sarnie can be had. In Wellington preferably, […]

Armageddon – down to the event centre…

Wow! Want to meet… Kaylee from Firefly? The very hot Ivanova from Babylon 5? One of the (original) Dukes of Hazzard? and the General Lee? Not to mention this person (no idea who, but I think you’d like to meet her, no? All you have to do is dress up like your favourite sci-fi character, […]

Wellington Film Society for May

Whoa… it’s May already & I have neglected to mention the wonderful Wellington Film Society even once this year! So… without further ado, here is what is coming up next month. In the words of the illustrious president, David Lindsay… Hi All, May sees the conclusion of the Jean-Luc Godard retrospective, made possible by the […]


ATTENTION ex-pat Wellingtonians! Looking for the perfect gift to send to your loved ones back home? Cranfields – Merchants of imported gifts, decorative objects and beautiful furniture, and one of the most interesting shops in the city (not to mention Auckland & Melbourne too) is now online & taking orders from anywhere in the world. […]

So here’s our man again…

So here’s our man again. This time I have a bit more information. His name is India Bharti (sounds suspiciously like Doderiol Fharti to me), and he is, without doubt the very best Bhartiphone player I have ever heard! No kidding. Of course, he is also the only Bhartiphone player I have ever heard, but […]

Busking 2006

I guess it’s the Fringe, or the Festival itself that brings these guys here, but this particular busker is well worth a look at. Today he was in Manner’s Mall. I could hear him a block or so away & the sound he was producing made me wonder if one of the theremins was in […]