Two Pecha Kucha Nights

If you’re like me, you’ve spent the last few days feeling rather glum and not in much of a going-out mood. But there are a couple of Pecha Kucha Night events coming up in Wellington this weekend that look pretty good – one with an arts theme, the other with a science theme (including a […]

Profile: The mysterious guy behind Weird in Wellington

A few of us at the Wellingtonista are fans of the TAWA-nominated Weird in Wellington photo blog, a collection of oddities, curiousities and just real weird stuff out there in the city. So, using a trail of carpet offcuts, I lured the mysterious fellow behind the blog in to Wellingtonista Towers, strapped him to the […]

Review: Long Cloud Youth Theatre

For the last few weeks, a group of bright young actors have been hard at work at the Long Cloud Youth Theatre’s summer school workshop. The summer school attendees – aged from 16 to 21 – were split into two groups that produced Daughters of Heaven and The Picture of Dorian Gray. And these two […]

Review: Heat

Baby, it’s cold outside. “Heat”, by New Zealand playwright Linda Chanwai-Earle, returns to Wellington after its 2008 debut at Bats. I didn’t quite know what to expect of this icy Antarctic tale, but I ended up really enjoying it, and found it surprisingly moving. Set in an isolated research hut in Antarctica, it focuses on […]

Offbeat is on

When Offbeat Originals mysteriously and suddenly closed last year, we were terribly update. Back in October, a sign sadly advised that the joint was “closed until further notice”. We didn’t hold out much hope, nominating Offbeat in the Most Missed category at the TAWAs. But today Wellingonista Tom spotted this new sign: Reopening February? Yay! […]


WordPress is a kick-arse content management system. It’s what we use to power the Wellingtonista, and many of us also use it on our personal blogs. WordPress is open source and has a lively community of users, developers and general fans, and it’s these sorts of people who will be coming together for the second […]

Review: Etiquette

A man and a woman sit across a table from one another at a Wellington cafe. He’s making something from a ball of Blu-tack, she’s drawing something with chalk. The latest production from Downstage, Etiquette, does things a little differently. Gone is the familiar location of the Hannah Playhouse. Instead the action takes place at […]

The Indian job

Those of us around the Civic Square or waterfront areas may have noticed a bit of a kerfuffle involving a fleet of Minis hooning where cars aren’t normally allowed. This is, it turns out, part of a Wellington-based shoot for the film “Players”, a cheeky Bollywood remake of the Michael Caine classic “The Italian Job”. […]

PhotoChop III

On this week at Thistle Hall is the biennial PhotoChop exhibition, centred around the art of collage. It’s all about taking the ordinary paper materials, and with scissors and glue, turning it into something new, with a selection of fine works including repurposed postcards, a scenic Uruwera setting for Willie Apiata and a couple of […]

So long, Marbecks Cuba Mall

It looks like the Marbecks on Cuba Mall is closing down, leaving the blessed Slowboat and Real Groovy the only music shops in the area. It doesn’t really come as much of a surprise – record shops today seem to exist mainly for music nerds and CD-buying grans. ’90s-style music shops like Marbecks are a […]