Who’s the coolest of them all?

So, the news is out – on the front page of the DomPost, an advertising colour supplement, and banners all along the Golden Mile: Wellington is the “coolest little capital in the world”.

Wellington On Screen

NZ On Screen – the brilliant website dedicated to putting New Zealand film, television and music video online – is celebrating its second birthday. So to help celebrate, let us delve into the NZ On Screen archives and see what Wellington gems are to be seen. Monaco Monza Macao Wellington (1990) A TV doco looking […]

Review: Inuit Time

While the Wells Group’s pro-unemployment installation piece continues to anger and bewilder ordinary, hardworking Kiwis, artistic mastermind Tao Wells continues to, er, work. In addition to the Letting Space installation, Wells is presenting two performances of his theatre show Inuit Time, once described as “an insult to the fundamentals of theatre”. The first performance was […]

Japan City: the fruity fruits of globalisation

The former Hallensteins building on Cuba Mall has been undergoing a bit of a facelift, getting rid of its cute and interesting 1980s post-modern facade and replacing it with something that looks a lot less interesting (sob!) But what’s lost in the building has partly been made up for with its cheerful new tenant, the […]

The Beneficiary’s Office

Artist and provocateur Tao Wells is causing a mighty ruckus with his new art installation project, The Beneficiary’s Office. As part of the Letting Space programme – which pairs artists with unused commercial spaces – Wells has established a corporate office for the Wells Group, a PR company which argues that the unemployed are more […]

Zealandia is freelandia

This weekend – 16 and 17 October, admission to Zealandia is free! Admission to Wellington’s world-first wildlife sanctuary, ZEALANDIA, is free for all locals this Saturday and Sunday! We are now 15 years into an incredible journey to restore a corner of NZ as closely as possible to the way it was before humans arrived. […]

All hail our new Green mayor

Earlier this afternoon, final results for the Wellington mayoral election were released. Finally the reign of Prendergast comes to an end, etc, and we rejoice in the election of our new Green mayor. Official results: Celia Wade-Brown 24,881 Kerry Prendergast 24,705 Jack Yan 7,426 Bryan Robert Pepperell 5,954 Bernard O’Shaughnessy 1,174 Al Mansell 542 We’ll […]

Music vs Art = Open City

City Gallery is currently exhibiting Roundabout, a major collection of bold, bright and wicked-as works from emerging artists from around the world. It’s well worth a visit. Part of Roundabout is 48,000 Revolutions, a piece by Flying Nun founder Roger Shepherd. He’s selected 24 hours worth of songs, which randomly play. There is also – and […]

Wellingtonista on the telly

Last night, our fearless editoress Joanna appeared on Media7. The episode was dedicated to regional media coverage of mayoral campaigns, from Northland to Southland. Joanna talked about the Wellingtonista’s mayoral candidate questionnaire, including that one candidate who couldn’t follow directions.

Jo did us proud, and skilfully managed to glamorously coordinate with the Media 7 set. You can watch the episode in full here.

After seeing the clips of regional telly in other parts of New Zealand, it makes me wish for Wellington to have its own low-budget, slightly crappy regional television channel.

And speaking of Wellington local body politics and TVNZ 7, on Wednesday night, Back Benches held a debate with the Wellington mayoral candidates, focusing on transport and tourism. Watch the episode here.

What’s happened to Offbeat Originals?

What’s happened to Offbeat Originals?

A sign has appeared on the door of the TAWA-nominated cafe advising the popular joint is "closed until further notice".

This news has thrown the Wellington beatnik and hipster community into a disarray. Where will we go for our toasties, tofu burgers and peanut butter and chocolate shakes? Where will we sit in the sun listening to bangin’ old punk?

A Facebook group called Save Offbeat Originals has been created, hinting that perhaps an evil corporation has something to do with it.

But at this stage, we still don’t know what’s behind Offbeat’s sudden closure. If you have any info, leave a comment.