A rather violent earthquake hit Christchurch yesterday, and it has devastated a city that, quite frankly, has had enough of feeling the earth move. People are helping where and when they can. We do know that this is one situation where throwing money at a problem can help. It might not fix everything, but right […]

The Owls Are Not What They Seem

You know that we’re big fans of Madame Fancy Pants. You know what we’re not fans of? Thieves! Dear MFP lovelies, Sorry to say that our big competition will be canceled as someone has stolen your prize. 🙁 If you happen to know of someone acquiring a Deadly Ponies Mr Night Owl bag….? If you […]

What do I expect: when I use my Entertainment Card?

Yeah I know, I’m a disgusting pesky fly. But just because I slurp food off the plate with my proboscis doesn’t mean I should have to pay full price when I have a handy-dandy gold entertainment card to get a free meal.

Here’s how it went down… we went to Finc on a Friday night – for the simple reason that it is in the Entertainment Guide. We ordered two mains both worth around $34 each and an entree for $8. The deal in the Entertainment Guide is:

“you and your guest are invited to enjoy one complimentary main course when another main course of equal or greater value is purchased. Up to $30.00 value”.

We were told that as our mains were both over the value of $30 we would receive NO discount. When we also asked them why was the entree not taken off we were told that we did not intend to have this as a main so they would not discount that either.

To read the shocking conclusion click “read more”

Sleb Sighting – Jason Gunn


Seen at Capital on the Quay (probably coming from the Novatel) at around 11.15am, heading out onto Lambton Quay on a break before heading out to Avalon Studios to film tonight’s dance-off.


Have your say – busker & husband charged for dog hair in room

What dog hair?Talkback time – or type-back time to be more accurate.

This is the nice lady who sometimes busks near Woodward Street on the Quay, with her faithful guide dog at her side. Been a while since we saw her there.

Olivia and Jonathan Godfrey spent their honeymoon in a professed guide-dog friendly hotel in Palmerston North Wellington. When leaving, they were presented with a bill for an extra $85 for cleaning up unwanted dog hair.

I’m inclined to the side of the couple here, it seems the hotel refused the opinion of a guide-dog minder who was sent in to view any damage on the couple’s behalf.

Besides… the hotel spokesman said:

“There were two big dogs in a one-bedroom apartment … You can imagine the smell…”

I can actually, I imagine you could hardly smell them at all & that 5 minutes with the windows & doors open would have clinched it.

And even if the dogs were moulting, how long does it take to vacuum a one bedroom apartment? Nice hourly rate.

Full story here

Go for your life with the outraged comments either way.


The hotel has apologised to the couple & offered a couple of free night’s accommodation.

One year on…

This posting brought to you by Sandy Mamoli (deeply honoured inaugural guest blogger).

Have you got something to say about Wellington? Would you like to guest on the Wellingtonista? Drop us a line and we’ll add you to the door list.

I discovered the Wellingtonista on day two after my arrival. It took them almost year to discover me …

In fact, it took them exactly a year. I celebrated my one year New Zealand anniversary last Friday with the contradictory emotions of someone who simultaneously feels like a true long-term Wellingtonian and a rookie who has just stepped off the boat.

I am still struggling with a wee bit of culture shock – complaining about Wellington’s provinciality and second-world infrastructure while marveling at the vibe, friendliness and genuine feeling of community one can only find in Wellington (I think).

Apart from being with a Kiwi partner who has been too long out of the country to remember anything useful and having read halfway through a travel guide I didn’t know much about New Zealand a year ago. And my former life in Vienna, Copenhagen and Amsterdam proved to be way too limited an experience of the world to shelter me from the surprises I was in for.

Wellingtonian of the Year, 2006, how’s he doing now?

Time to take a quick look at how last year’s Wellingtonista Wellingtonian of the Year is getting on in the wake of a full year of promotional engagements & speaking gigs.

Wellingtonista Wellingtonian of the year, 2006

Wellington vs. Auckland

A long weekend away provides the perfect opportunity to re-examine the age-old battle. In our first chapter, our agent goes to Auckland. In our next chapter, an enemy agent will come here…

Airport access: Getting to Wellington Airport, from Thorndon via a quick stop in Hataitai to pick up my suitcase took less than half an hour, and the only cost was some grovelling to my mother. Getting to the CBD of Auckland via a shuttle took an hour and cost $26 – that’s 15 minutes longer than the actual flight, and only $13 less than the ticket. Wellington 1, Auckland 0.

Airports: Wellington airport has only one terminal, which is blissfully fast food chain-free and it’s a sexy big space. You can get Fuel coffee, and Wishbone food (which caters to a wide range of dietary requirements) but it’s loud and bustly, and the stools they have at counters are shiny metal and you slip off them. Meanwhile, Auckland Airport may have Burger King and MacDonalds, but they also have a juice bar with those posh award-winning recoverable design style chairs. A tie.

1st Day of Spring

Because not all Wellingtonista are indestructible, I was ensconced at home this morning with a touch of a cold.

Actually, a hell of a cold. But I’m persevering.

And the weather helped! It’s miraculous!

Stepping out onto Cuba Street, I wandered along to Truffle to buy some Pain au Chocolat (chocolate croissants. they’re frozen, but you can defrost them and cook them for breakfast).

Now, you can believe what you like. But Wellington Winter’s aren’t always that bad. It’s the freakin Spring that is truly awful. The winds really start to wind up, and the rain starts.

Today though… today the wind was gentle, the sun was out, and people were out with it.

I heard a young couple talking about who had the most duvet last night. They sauntered past with nary a glance in my direction.

People were all over Cuba St eating in the sun.

That girl with Down Syndrome was out juggling. She’s terrible at it, but I flicked her a dollar anyway.

That guy who plays the bamboo flute that looks a lot like a bong was out, playing the same tune over, and over, and over, and over.

And I thought to myself, “You know, on a day like this you almost forget what the Spring is like. This Wellington, she is a fickle mistress”.

Wanted: great T-shirt designs

wanted - great t-shirt designers

All you budding young clothes designers out there should be getting whatever it is you use to design clothes ready for The Hinitiative and Wellington City Mission T-Shirt design contest that kicked off this week.

Open to all Wellington high school students, entries will be judged by a panel that includes Wellington fashion designer, Robyn Mathieson, clothing stores Fusion Surf & Skate and Rex Royale, and The Church design company. The first place winner takes home $300 in store vouchers. Second, third also get store vouchers, but not quite so many. In addition, all four finalists will have their winning designs produced into t-shirts by The Hinitiative and sold by selected stores in Wellington to help benefit Wellington City Mission.

Do good, and look good doing it.

More info at the Hinitiative website, and here’s a direct link to the design brief. Contest deadline is Saturday 11 August.