Don’t Vote! Governments Always Win!

No… just kidding. It is your duty to vote this Saturday! Get out & do it early, then enjoy the day, and the theatre offered as the results come in. And by all means read & take to heart this advice from Damian Christie at Public Address, on how to score on election day.

Meet the Candidates!

There’s nothing more traditional to an election campaign than assembling in a local community hall to listen to, and maybe heckle the latest crop of wannabees. And check out who the hell lives in your neighbourhood & who they look (and sound) like they might vote for. At least one Wellingtonista will be at St […]

Wellington Central candidates meeting @ Aro Valley

The Aro Valley Community Hall Meet the Candidates of Wellington Central meeting has long been one of the highlights of the campaigning that goes on in the build up to an election, and this time around would appear to have been no different. Smack bang in the middle of the hippy-lefty-green hub of Wellington (as […]

Think Big

The Wellington City Council is calling for new ideas for projects that could be funded by the Plimmer Bequest – a bequest for beautifying Wellington’s bays, beaches and reserves. The Oriental Bay Beach development was the last project to be funded by the bequest. Projects that would be considered include planting trees, water features, scenic […]

A flag for our time

A weekend trip to the outer reaches of Wellingtonist coverage ended with a cracking visit to Pataka at Porirua and in particular the comprehensive and thought provoking ‘Symbols of Sovereignty‘ series. Outlining the extraordinary evolution of flags in New Zealand this a series of five exhibitions all with a flag theme: JACK OR BLACK – […]

Be The Difference: We believe in recycling

The Wellingtonist office (penthouse, with panoramic harbour views, and a helipad to which James & Natalie get dropped off from their weekly commute from Barbados… the rest of us park our matching porsches in the subterranean carpark downstairs…) received this email today. It said to pass it on… and since we think it’s a worthy […]

V8 Supercars: submissions close today

Well, we’d have to say we’re probably veering on the ‘no’ side of the fence with regards to the V8 Supercar race being held in Wellington, for the purely selfish reason that it’d make getting into the Central Public Library on the weekend in question an absolute nightmare (oh, and the rates hike, and the […]

Free Acheh Protest

The Indonesian Ambassador is giving a talk at the Wellington Law School today, giving everyone the chance to voice their disapproval of his government’s ongoing use of violence and torture in Acheh. Bloggreen points out that there’ll be a nice big banner to rally behind, but any other implements of protest (noise-makers, placards, that sort […]