Quote of the night

James, whilst walking through Cuba Mall with us all: “Hey, that bollard (covered in posters) looks just like our site!”.

Also, James gets super large bonus points for coming swimming tonight.

(And also: I heart Wellington.)

What’s in a name #2

And the Wellingtonista themselves are in need of a name for their 10-pin bowling team.

Suggestions so far…

  • Strike Force
  • Wellington-PIN-stars
  • Gutter Rollers
  • Ultra-Cocktail-Hour-Super-Bowling-Squad

That Pin-Stars is going to take some beating, but, for the sake of having a name in the hat, howzabout The Strikemasters (in tribute to the 80s Wellington heavy metal band of the same name).

Further monikers welcome.

Welcome back home Wellington

Flickr: A Trek Through Wellington

To all those that left for the Yuletide, welcome back. We at Wellingtonista Towers trust you all had a sparkling time away celebrating Christmas and New Year, are refreshed and ready to take on another fun packed Wellington year.

Oh, and before I continue, just a word about the weather – don’t worry about it. If it’s “too” windy it means the beaches will be free of riff-raff, if it’s raining the cafes will be buzzing and if it’s “generally fine with the odd cloud and a chance of showers” it means the TV weather people have just told you that there’s gonna be “weather!” (it happened last night on TV One).

Anywho, on to 2007 and your Wellingtonista …

Photo Credits

Thanks to the photographers responsible for allowing us to use their work as the background image at the top of each page. If you weren’t aware, the image rotates for each individual browser every 24 hours.

The images are…

  1. Inside of the Embassy Picture theatre: ???
  2. Mephisto Jones grafitti collage: ???
  3. Flat White and a Cheese Scone: coffee photo by Taniwha. Not sure about the scone, to tell the truth.
  4. Wellington from the Turbine: noizyboy.
  5. Wellington Cityscape at Night photo by ???
  6. The City-to-Sea Bridge Icons: Taniwha.

(not-so) secret Wellingtonista handshake

Okay, here it is.

the handshake. hairy hands not a prerequisite

So, you start with your hand in the ‘W for Wellington’ shape. Connect with your partner following the Welly footpath rule of staying left (ie. your leftmost finger should be on the outside of their rightmost finger). The join should be made up to the middle knuckle. Then (the coup-de-grace!) curl the ends of your fingers over. You’re now making a symbolic representation of the hilly Wellington landscape. Slide the fingers apart (symbolic representation of a catastrophic earthquake, if you’re so inclined), and you’re done.

So cool.

Welcome to me

It is time to reveal my last name, and join the Wellingtonista.

My usual cosy pad is over at Wanda Harland. Generally I write complete crap, so it is surprising to find myself on such a fabulous website as this.

I promise to try and resist writing about the price of beans at Pak n Save, while keeping it real peeps (did I mention I’m a gangsta rapper?).

God. Enough. They’re going to sack me before I even get started, and I value my corner suite at the Wellingtonista Towers too much to stuff it up at this stage.


So, there I was, idly trying to export the old Wellingtonista blogspot entries across to our snappy new dot com address, and failing miserably.

I decided to call it a night, and switch the publishing target back to the wellingtonista blogspot address, as my co-contributors were doubtless champing at the bit to post their latest, insightful thoughts on our fair city onto the site.

But, upon toggling from the FTP publishing option back to the publish-to-blogspot option, something weird happened: “Sorry, this blog address is not available.”

Yes indeed, in the couple of hours I’d had the blogspot address offline, someone had come in and blognapped it, replacing our lovingly crafted site with a spamblog.


Anyway, this has but accelerated our site shifting plans, so, farewell blogspot, and hello wellingtonista.com.

Those of you with RSS links shouldn’t have to change anything, but if you’ve got a link to us on your website, we’d appreciate it if you could update to the new dot com version of the address.

a Beehive of Wellingtonista

Knowing full well how hard it is to maintain even a couple of blogs, we couldn’t help but reach out, and pull a few of the finer Wellington bloggers into the digital quagmire with us. So a welcome to those responsible for Hubris, SunnyO, MiramarMike, The Backyard, and Half-Pie. The obvious question arises. What is […]

Still going…

Just a quick update as to where things are at. First of all, thanks to everyone who’s come forward to offer advice and assistance. It’s been great, cheers. I’m still working at getting this template working over on my WordPress build of the site (who’d have thought 3 column template layouts would be so hard […]


As our small group of regulars will probably have realised, we’re currently on holiday. Natalie is in Austin living the high life at the SXSW Festival, and I’m a bit busy with other stuff, so will let this lie until I can get back into gear, and give it the amount of time it deserves […]