Wellingtonista on Public Address Radio

Well, it aired a couple of weeks ago, but the Wellingtonista vibe is fairly timeless, so, if you missed it first time around, here’s Russell Brown of Public Address fame being shown a night on the town by Wellington’s largest blogging collective…

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Whichever way you do it, it’s going to be a 7.84mb hit to your traffic.

WBL Round 1: the results

So we met, we bowled, great epic battles were fought, and drinking was the winner on the day. And also Xero. Here’s the league points so far.

  Played Won Drawn Drink bonus Points Bonus Total
Bowlingtonista 1 0 0 1 0 1
Bowltron 1 1 0 1 0 5
Clemenger 1 1 0 1 0 5
Clicksuite 1 0 0 1 0 1
Silverstripe 1 0 0 1 0 1
Xero 1 1 0 1 1 6

Team bowling scores are after the jump.

The Wellingtonista Bowling League Draw

It gives us tremendous pleasure to announce the draw of our Bowling League. Brave (but foolish for thinking they could possibly beat us) teams from Xero, Silverstripe, Click Suite, Clemenger BBDO and the fantastically named Bowltron will be taking part and therefore get massive karma points.


Round 1 will be Tuesday 24th at 8pm at The Lanes on Wakefield St.

The rules on the night are as follows:

  • If at the end of the game your team’s sum total (total of all four players) is higher than your opposition’s then you get four competition points.
  • If your team consumes more than four alcoholic beverages (or averages more than one per player) you get a bonus competition point
  • The team with the highest sum total on the night gets an extra bonus point.

So if you booze up and roll like a god your team could come away with 6 points.

Expect to see many people at Clemenger crying on Wednesday morning after the Bowlingtonista give them the thrashing of their lives. Hurrah!

Martha on the Front Page of the DomPost

Hard on the heels of one of their worst front pages ever, the DomPost goes some way to redeeming itself by putting one the of Wellingtonista above the fold in today’s issue…

Nice work Martha. Way to fly the flag undies.


We are super pleased and excited to announce that the Wellingtonista Bowling League is officially a happening thing. Game nights will take place once a month until the round-robin is played out. The first night will be Tuesday 24 April at 8pm, so that we can all recover the next day.

There will be four people to a team, and your website/organisation may enter more than one team if you like. There will be a trophy. Register your team here in the comments, or email the.wellingtonista @ gmail.com before next Wednesday 18. We’ll be bowling at The Lanes on Wakefield St, and it’ll cost probably $10 per person per game. Plus the drinks you will want to buy us.

Please do participate. Or are you scared that we will KICK YOUR COLLECTIVE ASSES? Cos we totally will.

Quote of the night

James, whilst walking through Cuba Mall with us all: “Hey, that bollard (covered in posters) looks just like our site!”.

Also, James gets super large bonus points for coming swimming tonight.

(And also: I heart Wellington.)

What’s in a name #2

And the Wellingtonista themselves are in need of a name for their 10-pin bowling team.

Suggestions so far…

  • Strike Force
  • Wellington-PIN-stars
  • Gutter Rollers
  • Ultra-Cocktail-Hour-Super-Bowling-Squad

That Pin-Stars is going to take some beating, but, for the sake of having a name in the hat, howzabout The Strikemasters (in tribute to the 80s Wellington heavy metal band of the same name).

Further monikers welcome.

Welcome back home Wellington

Flickr: A Trek Through Wellington

To all those that left for the Yuletide, welcome back. We at Wellingtonista Towers trust you all had a sparkling time away celebrating Christmas and New Year, are refreshed and ready to take on another fun packed Wellington year.

Oh, and before I continue, just a word about the weather – don’t worry about it. If it’s “too” windy it means the beaches will be free of riff-raff, if it’s raining the cafes will be buzzing and if it’s “generally fine with the odd cloud and a chance of showers” it means the TV weather people have just told you that there’s gonna be “weather!” (it happened last night on TV One).

Anywho, on to 2007 and your Wellingtonista …

Photo Credits

Thanks to the photographers responsible for allowing us to use their work as the background image at the top of each page. If you weren’t aware, the image rotates for each individual browser every 24 hours.

The images are…

  1. Inside of the Embassy Picture theatre: ???
  2. Mephisto Jones grafitti collage: ???
  3. Flat White and a Cheese Scone: coffee photo by Taniwha. Not sure about the scone, to tell the truth.
  4. Wellington from the Turbine: noizyboy.
  5. Wellington Cityscape at Night photo by ???
  6. The City-to-Sea Bridge Icons: Taniwha.

(not-so) secret Wellingtonista handshake

Okay, here it is.

the handshake. hairy hands not a prerequisite

So, you start with your hand in the ‘W for Wellington’ shape. Connect with your partner following the Welly footpath rule of staying left (ie. your leftmost finger should be on the outside of their rightmost finger). The join should be made up to the middle knuckle. Then (the coup-de-grace!) curl the ends of your fingers over. You’re now making a symbolic representation of the hilly Wellington landscape. Slide the fingers apart (symbolic representation of a catastrophic earthquake, if you’re so inclined), and you’re done.

So cool.