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Review: The Hobbit Companion

by Mr Goulter October 30, 2012

It’s not by chance that John Ronald Reuel Tolkien’s was the setting that would become the default template for the popular notion of high-fantasy; no arbitrary circumstance that led to Tolkien’s intricately-crafted argot becoming the lingua franca of the sword-and-sorcery genre as it’s commonly understood today. Tolkien, with his fellow Inkling and understudy in Christianity […]

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What we’ve been tweeting about lately

by Joanna July 19, 2012

Do you follow us on Twitter? A lot of you do. But you might miss our tweets in amongst all your very important updates from sportspeople, so here’s what’s been going on. We talked about a new Mojo opening in the Telecom building on Willis Street, and what a relief that was since it was […]

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Wellington winter nostalgia (no, really)

by noizyboy July 16, 2012

Today’s guest post comes courtesy of Daisy Coles – you read more of her stuff over at I’m sitting in my togs on shady grass in a hidden corner of Europe. I’m watching the dragonflies flit round a lazy little branch of the Danube, with a wine spritzer in one hand and an incomprehensible newspaper […]

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This fish is still fresh, even after two years

by Joanna March 29, 2012

Happy second birthday to our favourite Wellington print media, Fishhead! Thanks for the fun reads, the great parties , and for giving our city a magazine and fantastic quiz host/Jam MC. Their second birthday issue is out now in shops everywhere. Here’s to lots more!  

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Ben Hana, aka Tarzan, aka “Blanket Man” dies

by noizyboy January 15, 2012

As reported in the NZ Herald and Stuff. I remember seeing him asleep on the corner of Courtenay Place and Tory Street, bathed in sunshine, loin-cloth akimbo, home-made aluminium-can dope-pipe resting peacefully by his slumbering body, only a couple of weeks back. It seems weird that we won’t see him there again. R.I.P. (Remember, you […]

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My personal Wellington highlights of 2011

by Joanna December 22, 2011

We didn’t have the TAWAs this year, but lots of awesomeness still took place. Here’s a very self-indulgent look at what I particularly loved and didn’t – hopefully other Wellingtonistas will add their own posts too.

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Bryan Pepperell – skeptic?

by The Masked Barfly December 19, 2011

Turns out Wellington City Councillor Bryan Pepperell isn’t sure about the authenticity of the moon landings. On his facebook page, he states… The moon landings are an open question. Having worked in photography in the 1960’s I’m still trying to figure out how the films survived 280F. There are more unanswered questions but is it a […]

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The semi-naked truth: Strip clubs in Wellington

by Emily Fatali July 25, 2011

So, you want to see some breasts. Nothing wrong with that. Where in Wellington should you go to see them? For the purposes of scientific research, we headed to Dream Girls and Mermaids to find out what you can expect. We also had a chat to a girl who’s worked in both places for the […]

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Where would you take an odd tourist?

by Joanna July 23, 2011

We occasionally get requests from people who see us as being experts on Wellington, and it’s true, we are. But so are you. So help us answer this guy’s question! “I am looking for places/locations in the Wellington area to take a group of overseas visitors too. I am not wanting to go to the normal […]

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by Sue Tyler February 23, 2011

A rather violent earthquake hit Christchurch yesterday, and it has devastated a city that, quite frankly, has had enough of feeling the earth move. People are helping where and when they can. We do know that this is one situation where throwing money at a problem can help. It might not fix everything, but right […]

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