So we had some awards

In fact some of us right now are celebrating those awards, at the most lovely of locations, the Mighty Mighty.

But if you were unable to make it to the TAWAS here’s how you all voted.

Expect a review of the night later on tomorrow, and by later on I mean after afternoon tea.

For right now many of the wellingtonista are shaking their thing to the sounds of the Klezmer Rebs.

Also hopefully Hadyn who is the king of stats will offer up some analysis of the way you voted.

And if you havn’t already why not head over to the DCM and give a little. As I write at this very moment $10 has been donated to DCM. If everyone who reads this blog dontated $5 each, together  we will  make a serious difference in the lives of Wellingtonians who are most at risk and in need this Christmas.

Best Cheap Eats: Sweet Mother’s Kitchen
Best un-Cheap Eats: Matterhorn
Best Drink in Town: Castlepoint at Mighty Mighty
Best Late Night Hangout: Mighty Mighty
Best Suburban Destination: Maranui Cafe
Best non-Drinking Destination: Wellington Central Library
Best Place to Shake It WINNERS: Mighty Mighty & San Francisco Bath House
Best Public Space: The Waterfront
Best Art Experience: Yayoi Kusama at City Gallery Wellington
Best Apparel: Mandatory
Best Shop: Slowboat
Most Needed: Bike lanes
Best Service: Matt at Mojo Old Bank
Best Coffee: Mojo Old Bank
Best Contribution to the Internet by a Wellingtonian: The Webstock Team
Best Regular Entertainment: The Wellington Phoenix
Best Live Performance: Question Time at Parliament
Best Wellington-based Event: The Cuba Carnival
Wellingtonian of the Year: Martin Bosley for the City Market

sounds like shopping

You can try and deny it, but the season for shopping is upon us.


If your plan this year is to shop local and/or shop handmade, then tomorrow night is the answer to all your plans.


TheNewDowse pre-Christmas combo has  space rockers Spartacus R and the first-ever Craft 2.0 Twilight Delight.


Music + shopping + art

= a multi-sensory treat to celebrate the festive season



Craft2.0 kicks off at 6pm and runs till 9pm.


All the galleries, bars and cafe are also open till 9pm.

Zinefest Saturday

Zinefest is approaching fast!

It’s this Saturday November 21st from noon till 5pm at Mighty Mighty, home to other such great events as the Annual Wellingtonista Awards



So if spending a day surrounded by Zines, browsing the Stonkingly awesome Wellington City Libraries Zine collection or taking a workshop, tuning into a talk or panel discussion sounds like you, well you know where to go.


There will be a zine swap box which is a great way to get new zines that you have never seen before! And of course at  some point during the day  the trophy for the Zine-of-the-Fest  will be handed out.

You will also be able to pick up exclusive Zinefest Schwag including Wellington Zinefest T Shirts 2009 edition.


Fabric Frenzy descends on Brooklyn

This is certainly a Wellington weekend for everyone! I’m sure other Wellingtonistas have more to say about the soccer, the Santa Parade, the potential All Whites parade and the Kirk’s Christmas windows.

But for me the weekend is all about fabric, crafting supplies, and adding to my craft stash.

My eyes and wallet are all prepared for Fabric-a- brac at the Brookylyn Community Center this Saturday from 12 noon till 3pm. 

Wellington’s crafters have gone through their craft stashes and are selling them off.

At Fabric-a-brac you’ll  see modern fabric, vintage fabric, threads, buttons, patterns, trims, notions and so much more.

There is also a fabric fundraising table for Mary Potter Hospice, which means spending money and doing good thigs all at the same time, YAY!

There will be coffee, tea and sweet treats all day long. So you can shop, take a breather and then shop some more. As any good bargin hunter knows often the most prized items in a crafter’s stash don’t hit the tables till near the end of the fair.

Remember to bring cash, it’s the only currency accepted at Fabric-a-brac.

Fundraising event at the Paramount featuring Guilliermo Del Toro

Tonight at the Parmount you can sit down for two hours with Guilliermo Del Toro.

He’ll be talking about his life in film, and includes clips from films he’s worked on, like "Pans Labyrinth" and "Hellboy". Plus it’s a question and answer session, so if anyone finds out who is playing Bilbo, please report back.

This is a fund-raising event, so it’s $45 a ticket! Money riased tonight will go towards Wellington producer Bonnie Slater and director Sam Kelly’s first feature film, "One for the Road".

And don’t forget the Paramount’s movie quiz night on Thursday nights, starting at 9 o’clock sharp.

So if Guilliermo Del Toro is not your thing, quiz probably is. And if both are, I think the choice is obvious: you’ll be spending every night at the Paz.

The Smartest Snapper

Voted by you the public as winner in the Smarten Your Snapper competition is Wave by Yana from Chromatophobic.

Yana wins a Snapper loaded with $100 and a free table at Craft2.0 this Saturday.

One of the great things about this cover is its see-through nature, especially useful with both red and green Snapper cards out in the wild.


Yana designed the cover and then using the Laser cutter at ponoko she whipped this nifty cover up using 0.3mm polypropylene – and you thought polypropylene was just for warm clothes!

Voting was extremly close so we awarded a prize to the runner-up Amy from Bad Animals and her Pirate Patch. Amy will receive a free table at Craft2.0 this saturday.

Pirate Patch on JacketPirate Patch on Bag

1 sleep till Craft2.0

Think shopping, handmade, free treats, free making and outdoor knitting, plus cupcakes and craft – loads and loads and loads of craft – and you have Craft2.0.

It’s being held at theNewDowse this Saturday October 24th from 11am till 3pm.

It costs nothing to turn up and if you are one of the first 100 people through the door at 11am  you score a FREE goodie bag from Craftrunner chock full of treats, including goodies from, Cafe Reka, Teza iced tea, Supervery, Emma Makes and more. Plus there is tons of to-die-for swag from the Craft2.0 raffle and so much more. 

Typically over 60 booths are present selling everything from glittering unicorn pins to hand printed t-shirts. If you are a fan of indie fashion, then you’ve found your DIY paradise. The best part is meeting the crafters behind the styles and seeing how some of their creations came to life.

What kinds of crafts will you find? Well, you won’t find any of that mass produced or imported stuff here, no siree! There’ll be surprises galore including reconstructed clothing, punk rock baby clothes for that little Sid or Nancy, handcrafted jewellery, whimsical and demented plush toys, hand-spun yarn, screen-printing, avant-garde art and much more.

Best of all, Craft2.0 is more than just shopping. Kids of all ages can design and create their own magical masks. Whether you’re a bird lover or are just looking for something exotic, feather masks are a great craft project. These beautiful creations work well as costume pieces or decorations. and it’s free. 

Smarten your Snapper – Voting starts

Finally here they are.

The top 14 finalists in the Smarten your snapper Competition
as chosen by our panel of delightful judges, and you can now vote for the ultimate winner!  (click on the image to see large-wise, yo).

the top 15

So what comes next?

Well it’s now down to you, the fine readers of the wellingtonista to tell us which Snapper cover you like best. All you have to do is head over to a very simple entry form, and vote for the snapper cover you like the most.

Click here to vote.

Of course it might help to be able to check them out first
Voting runs from today September 14th till Monday September 28th

Our finalists in alphabetical order are:

  1. Bite Me – created by Amie McCarron
  2. Cassetiquette Case – created by Matt Whitwel
  3. Jeans for your snapper  – Created by Heike aka minu.
  4. Kokako tie up cover – created by Deb from Boocraft Designs
  5. Library Card Cover – created by Matt Whitwel
  6. Patchwork Snapper card – created by Marjorie from WHSKR
  7. Pirate Patch – created by Amy from Bad Animals
  8. Sequined Snapper – by Emma from emma makes
  9. Tahi Blue – created by Miss Millie
  10. The Big Snapper – created by Miss Millie
  11. The Hoff – created by Paula from Madame Cake
  12. Urban Vintage card holder – created by Shelley Gardner from "Sweet William"
  13. wave– by Yana from chromatophobic
  14. Yum Yum Donuts – created by Paula from Madame Cake

Over the next week all the finalists are being profiled over at Craft2.0 and we’ll also be sharing some of the judges thoughts on the finalists.

There there is one vote per email address.

And you can vote right now!

a tiki tour of craft fairs

There must be something about spring, and craft fairs as this saturday has 3 crafting events on in our fine city.

Make your first Craft destination Berhampore school from 9.30am, it’s home to wellington’s popular seasonal fair, knack. Knack’s been running since 2007 and there are 3  things I truly love about Knack:

  • Knack is run as a fundraiser for berhampore school
  • Knack is often where you will see some of Wellington’s emerging Crafters show casing their crafts for the first time
  • There is a lovely laid back vibe at every knack, which makes it a lovely destination for some crafty culture.



Once you’ve checked out spring knack in Berhampore head further down the road and you’ll hit Craft Village in Island Bay.

Home  to about 50 Crafters, Craft village is a monthly market featuring local crafters like Kate Burgess of Stitch Lips whose quirky creations are featured on the Craft Village Posters.

Rest up overnight and then head out to the long established Annual Pinehaven Arts and Crafts Fair  at Pinehaven School Hall, Pinehaven Road, Upper Hutt.

It is not a ‘sit at your stall’ type of fair more like a gallery where, everything is set out on walls, and display tables. The school hall looks very unassuming from the outside but once you get in it’s an eye opener. The event is a fundraiser for Pinehaven School, so just like spring knack you can do some shopping and feel like you are helping make the world a better place.

Books, books, books as far as your eye can see

Tomorrow sees the start of Wellington’s most favourite book event, the Downtown Community Ministry Bookfair, which is being held at the TSB Arena on Saturday and Sunday.

Thousands of books have been sorted by volunteers for months all ready to make book shopping easier on the weekend.

My hot tips…

  • Set a buying budget
  • Get there early on Saturday to get the books you really really, REALLY want.
  • Pop back on Sunday and take advange of the hourly specials for books, vinyl and magazines you mostly want.
  • Don’t haggle at an event like this. All the prices are cheaper than at second hand book stores and every cent go towards helping those most at need in our city.

How good is this event? In the words of one of our favourite Wellington bloggers 

The event itself is so awesome that even if  they told me that they used the money to crush kittens, I’d still attend. Okay, maybe not … but still – it’s fabulous.

And this year’s book fair is all about Twitter. Follow the #dcmbookfair tag for updates over both days of the BookFair. Simply Tweet about your BookFair experience and include #dcmbookfair to let others follow the fun.

DCM Events Coordinator David Cross says…

The BookFair provides an ideal event for people on Twitter and other social networks. I’m excited to see how it all unfolds. Perhaps we’ll get people tweeting about finding the perfect book or that long lost vinyl record, who knows

The BookFair hours are from 9am – 5pm on Saturday 4th and 10am – 4pm Sunday 5th of September. Money raised from the BookFair goes towards Downtown Community Ministry’s work amongst people in need in the city.