The lemurs, they are attacking

This is an invitation to attend a very special event, The Lemur Attack Force Launch Party and Fundraiser. TONIGHT at the Hop Garden from 7pm, it looks to be hoots of fun – details of the shenanigans are available at   In 18 Days Aimee Whitcroft and Dane Foster are taking a wee drive from […]

Get creative for Queen’s birthday weekend

Typically a Wellingtonian makes haste for the nearest airport or road come Queen’s birthday weekend, but the reverse is starting to happen for those of a creative bent as Handmade happens for the second year in a row. Handmade is home to all sorts of making related things – from cooking to crafting they are […]


Imagine if you will,  40 tables  stacked full of vintage fabric from the 1950s and 1960s,  and lace from the 1920s.  Add in all sorts of delightful sewing accessories like buttons and vintage patterns and you start to get an idea for what the biannual Fabric-a-brac sale  is  all about It’s being held this Saturday 19 […]

A jamboree… of jam

A highlight of the Wellington foodie’s calendar is  The Great Welly Jam Off.  Since the first Jam Off held at The Old Bank Arcade the event’s transformed into a must-make and must-taste event.  At 10.30am this Sunday (March 25th)  The Great Welly Jam Off.  brings the jammy goodness to The City Market.   The City […]

we pause for some pretty

It’s Academy Award day in LA and we know the answer to the fashion question of the day “what are you wearing?” for two Wellingtonians, Jana Barrett and Jennifer Bloomfield. The answer  = Voon. Jana’s husband, Weta Digital’s Daniel Barrett (who will be wearing a Merino wool tuxedo), was the Animation Supervisor and Jennifer’s husband […]

Summer fairs are here

After the rush of pre-Christmas shopping when it’s all about everyone else and the right present for the right person and being lovely and selfless, it’s rather nice when summer fair season rolls around. Summer fairs are not just about shopping for thing for other people, although that is an excellent and important component to […]

gorgeous and original Christmas gifts to be found at Craft2.0

Thanks to the good folk at Craft 2.0 even December 23rd isn’t too late to shop for gorgeous and original Christmas gifts. The Trunk Show strikes for the second week this Friday and as if you had your own personal shopper we’ve complied a list of gift ideas for you. All you have to do […]

Unveiling Unveiled

Better than Christmas morning was how this non fashionista* described Monday morning at Te Papa when Tom and  I witnessed Keira Miller from London’s Victoria & Albert Museum unpacking an embroidered silk satin wedding dress designed by Norman Hartnell in 1933. Keira is in Wellington to supervise the unpacking and setting up of Unveiled: 200 years […]

Craft2.0 brings you a Trunk Show

We’re not sure if you’ve heard yet but that mad season we call Christmas is just around the corner and if you’re like us you’ve probably got one or two people you still need to find the perfect gift for. You could pack your sneakers and your pink elbow guards and head out with the […]

We’ve got a craft fair tomorrow

Saturday is Election Day, but more importantly (to me at least) it’s Christmas Knack Day. All I can assume is the PM woke up one morning and thought “how can I make voting more fun?”, and thus Election Day and Knack got married, and now you can get your craft on and vote all at […]