A rather violent earthquake hit Christchurch yesterday, and it has devastated a city that, quite frankly, has had enough of feeling the earth move. People are helping where and when they can. We do know that this is one situation where throwing money at a problem can help. It might not fix everything, but right […]

Fabric Frenzy sets wild crafters into the wilds of newtown

If you are in Newtown this weekend watch out for fans of fabric and all things handmade, November fabric-a-brac is full – and raring to go.

Get excited and buy things

Spring is in the air and Craft2.0 is back. Wellington’s favourite indie craft market returns to TheNewDowse this Saturday October 30th. Instead of hibernating, loads of crafty types from wellington, and a bit beyond spent their winter months getting excited and making things, with one purpose in mind – Craft2.0. Craft2.0 is a special shopping […]

Pop-up shop pops back up again

OO lucky handmade shoppers, the much loved and short lived Tinakori Road pop-up shop has popped up again, but this time in a different location.

With a  mix of designers in for a day and another mix in for a week and some designers in for the whole time, it’s one of those places that’s worth a weekly visit.

You can find the Pop-Up Design Store at 24 College street from now till October 17th.

Knack Market is fun

Knack Craft market is Wellington’s boutique style market. It’s become so popular that it’s moved from its original home at beramphore school,  to the much bigger South Wellington Intermediate School Hall, which you can find in Rintoul Street, (next to Wakefield Hospital), Newtown.

Knack is where many of Wellington’s up-and-coming crafters take their first steps in selling to the public. If you like new discoveries,  Knack is definately your kind of market, but please rember to be gentle on the crafters. Hours of love, thought and passion go into each item you’ll find at Knack (and any handmade market) so things like bartering or asking for special deals is a little bit uncool.

At Knack you’ll also find tasty warm treats like hot soup, stuffed baked potatoes, samosas and Thai cuisine all perfectly made to keep you warm for winter or occupied while your small people hang out at the kids’ crafting table.

Knack is crammed for of lovely winter things for kids and adults, so if knitting or sewing is not your thing, stock up on warm winter woolies and clothes and some stylish acessories to match. Also if you see something you like but need it in another size, colour…. you can ask the crafter in person if they do custom orders. Most do and that’s the advantage of handmade. People make clothes, jewellery and acessories that work, and if you need extra tweeking it’s totally possible.

A fair weekend ahead

If you haven’t recovered from Craft2.0 last weekend, make sure you do by Saturday becuase it’s Fabric-a-brac time again.

The event is being held at St Anne’s Hall in Newtown on Saturday 19 June from 9am – 12noon. It’s all put together by the amazing Josie who who describes Fabric-a-brac as  "bringing together fabric-lovers, who have too much fabric, with others looking for a unique bargain".

Fabric-a-brac is a dream wonderland of awesome for crafters, sewers, and makers. It’s full of fabric, buttons, notions, supplies and anything your crafty heart can dream of.

There are some exciting new stallholders at Fabric-a-brac, including:

  • Stitchbird fabrics, who right now is running a marvelous auction to raise funds for Mary Potter Hospice over on her blog.
  • Absolute Sewing are coming to the rescue of all crafters with blunt scissors, which is most of us. They are offering scissor sharpening, and since Fabric-a-brac is not NZ Customs, you can bring your scissors alsong to the fair for sharpening.

If that doesn’t bring joy to your life, next weekend is Knack Craft Fair. They’ve got a new venue as well, Wellington South Intermediate Hall. But more on all things Knack next week.

When is a shop not a shop?

When it’s a Pop-Up Shop, of course.

Right now in Thorndon, Wellington’s first Handmade Pop-Up Shop has arrived. It opened on the 13th of April and closes again on the 1st of May. Each day the shop features a different artist or crafter showcasing all their lovely creations.

Pop-Up Shops are traditonally places where retailers offload sale or discounted stock, but this shop is pretty much the opposite. It’s about a home for beautifuly designed and handmade things, with a real focus on the person behind the product.

You can find the Pop-Up Shop at 302 Tinakori Road, Thorndon.

The jumble sale is back!

Do you have plans for Easter Weekend the weekend after Easter? Well scrap them because something and someone rather amazing is coming to town. It’s not Santa or the Easter bunny, but even better – it’s Maria, of Eclectic fame in Nelson.

She’s arriving with the biggest haul of vintage and retro treasure like last year. But she’s also bringing FURNITURE!
TEXTILES, FABRIC, LACES, LINENS AND BRICBRAC. Plus hats, sunglasses, scarves, jackets, dresses, shoes and all manner of clothing! And there’ll be some guys’ stuff too.

It’s the kind of thing we never get to see in Wellington on jumble sale scale and price! $5-$20 with a few special items.

There is heaps of fabric and lots of jewellery and buttons etc for remaking. 10,000 items!!!!!

You will kick yourself if you can’t make it and there will be something for everyone, plus stuff is put out over the whole weekend so if you can’t make first thing Saturday morning, don’t be put off.

Come anytime over the weekend, go twice even and be amazed!

It will be the place to be. So if you are sad Craft2.0 isn’t on this weekend, well here’s one great place to be spending your money.

Handmade is the best Made

Autumn is upon us, and seasons changing means only one thing in the Wellington Craft World. It’s Knack time.

Knack time being this saturday from 9.30am till 2.30pm at Berhampore School.


Knack is a glorious seasonal market which also doubles as a school fundraiser. So you get to buy handmade from the artist which is grand and then know that you are also helping out a school. It’s like double doing good, with shopping .

Knack’s full of lovely handmade things, and is often where some of Wellington’s newests crafters make their selling debut, so it’s a great market for those of you wanting to be ahead of the trends.

There’s loads of parking at the school or catch the bus and amble up the hill.


Get your Craft On

Craft2.0 kicks off 2010 with a fourth birthday bash this Saturday (March 6th) from 11am to 3pm at TheNewDowse in Lower Hutt.

Over 4 years Craft2.0 has become synonymous with high quality, diverse products proudly claiming ‘New Zealand Made’ or even better, ‘Wellington made’. March sees the biggest fair yet with 70 crafters, many selling for the first time. You may discover that your neighbour moonlights as an artist, a colleague is a closet knitter and the kid next door’s Dad is rather resourceful in the design department.



Many of the crafters use recycled/vintage materials, like cast-off aluminium tabs, e-waste, old board games, cutlery and other quirky objects that often end up at the rubbish dump – it’s all about being resourceful.


Plus there is a free making table for a kids, and if you are a Friend of Craft2.0 you get a free gift on arrival and the ability to start shopping at 10.15 before the crowds arrive at 11.


and if you’ve a hankering for all things handmade, don’t forget The Inaugural 2010 JAM OFF tomorrow at 11.30 at mojo old bank.